Infrared heating of the house is your personal sun.

With the coming of colds there is a wish of warmth and comfort are reigned in the house. But without necessary to lay out fabulous sums for heating. And while the owners of buildings with gas, water and coal heating continue to complain about the high cost of the coolant, the owners, who installed the infrared heating system are happy to the decision and enjoy the comfort.

Отопление дома и коттетджа

What is an advantage of the infrared heating of the houses and apartments?

Infrared heaters can be placed in rooms of the various area and purposes. So IR-heating can be used for heating of the greenhouses in winter, for heating warehouses and hangars. Let’s return to the individual heating of the apartments and houses.

отопление квартир

The system has next advantages:

Autonomous heating of houses and apartments with health benefits

инфракрасное отопление домов

System of the infrared heating is a some kind of the mini-sun which is carefully warms with its rays all around. By results of researches, infrared warmth is equally effective in any weather and even carries the health benefit. According to Japanese doctors, the properties of infrared sauna are partially inherent to the IR-heaters used for prevention of different disease. Here is such economical and useful heating of the apartment or house with electricity.

How the autonomous heating is realized?

Infrared heating of the living spaces can be made by means of  installation of infrared heaters or film ceiling elements. 

Film elements are installed in a space between thermal insulation and ceiling overlapping. Structurally element represents a multilayered resistor separate sections of which are divided by plastic film. Radiation heat is completely absorbed by furniture, walls and floors. The house is filled with warmth.

IR-heaters are placed on the ceiling at the high 2,2-3,5 m. The lifting height of the device depends on it’s power and floor space. For more uniform heating it is recommended to mount radiators higher. Also its can be placed above the bed and near the windows.

Ceiling infrared electrical heaters Teplov “B” series successfully used for: 

Autonomous heating of the house by means of infrared warmth is very convenient and profitable. The main thing is to follow all the rules of choice and installation of the heating devices. What we are always ready to help you with!