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      3. Outdoor IR heaters
      Infrared heater TeploV Y1500 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y1500 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1500
      Dimensions, mm 1500х125х75
      Weight, kg 4.5
      Infrared heater TeploV Y2000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y2000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 20
      Rated power, W 2000
      Dimensions, mm 1880х125х75
      Weight, kg 6
      Infrared heater TeploV Y3000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y3000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 30
      Rated power, W 3000
      Dimensions, mm 1490х220х80
      Weight, kg 9
      Infrared heater TeploV Y4500 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y4500 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 45
      Rated power, W 4500
      Dimensions, mm 1500х320х80
      Weight, kg 10
      Infrared heater TeploV U6000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV U6000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 60
      Rated power, W 6000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х320х80
      Weight, kg 14
      Infrared heater TeploV Y9000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y9000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 90
      Rated power, W 9000
      Dimensions, mm 1500х620х80
      Weight, kg 20
      Infrared heater TeploV U12000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV U12000 Add to Cart
      Rated power, W 12000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х620х80
      Weight, kg 26

      Infrared heating for today is the best one on the many positions. If to compare, for example, medium-wave infrared heaters with the usual convective systems of different types, we can say that way of IR-heating more effective, economical and safely than others. Nevertheless, before you buy the medium-wave heaters it’s necessary to study the sphere of their using and that is more important, their functional principle. At the consumer grade (heating of the apartment, greenhouse, a farm, an office) the using of long-wave infrared heaters are more traditional, however, it’s often there are cases then it’s necessary to create especial temperature regime on the small territory, in a special industrial zone or in the open air. The medium-wave infrared heaters are the most convenient for this. For heating at the open air you can buy special outdoors heaters with the waves which contains in a average radiation spectrum. The results of work of the medium-waves infrared heaters will decrease the energy consumption to 10% in comparison with long-waves IR heating at saving of efficiency indicates, 98% of full use of energy that heaters transformed in warmth.

      Outdoors infrared heaters, the medium waves exactly, differs from long wave by heating capacity, radius and force of rays penetration and heating temperature of the TEH – the main heating element of all infrared heaters. To choose right and further to buy a medium wave heaters, it’s necessary to know that they are suitable to localized impact and doesn’t suit for heating of large territories, areas. Such “point” of heating, allows to say about high effectiveness and also if to buy such outdoors heaters, they can be used in places with high humidity. Outdoors electrical infrared heaters, due to minimal inactivity, kick into action literally in a minute and heat an impact area to necessary temperature very fast. All these useful features is definitely connected with such aggregates work at infrared radiation. Outdoors infrared heaters of medium wave have TEH, which heats to 600 – 650 degrees. Such capacity is added with qualitative reflector. If to buy a medium wave heaters and correctly to install, the infrared heating rays will not spread on the sides but will precisely direct ed to the necessary direction by means of reflector. Outdoors electrical infrared heaters work on the same principle, that means they can be used at the summer playgrounds, small open and semi-open areas where the central or other heating is absent.

      So to buy outdoors medium wave heaters will be more convenient and profitable than to install any other type of convective heating.

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