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      4. Outdoor IR heaters
      Infrared heater TeploV Y3000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y3000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 30
      Rated power, W 3000
      Dimensions, mm 1490х220х80
      Weight, kg 9
      Infrared heater TeploV Y1500 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y1500 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1500
      Dimensions, mm 1500х125х75
      Weight, kg 4.5
      Infrared heater TeploV Y2000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y2000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 20
      Rated power, W 2000
      Dimensions, mm 1880х125х75
      Weight, kg 6
      Infrared heater TeploV Y4500 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y4500 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 45
      Rated power, W 4500
      Dimensions, mm 1500х320х80
      Weight, kg 10
      Infrared heater TeploV U6000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV U6000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 60
      Rated power, W 6000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х320х80
      Weight, kg 14
      Infrared heater TeploV Y9000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV Y9000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 90
      Rated power, W 9000
      Dimensions, mm 1500х620х80
      Weight, kg 20
      Infrared heater TeploV U12000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV U12000 Add to Cart
      Rated power, W 12000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х620х80
      Weight, kg 26

      Outdoor IR heaters

      Speaking of heating, we, as a rule, imagine heating premises - apartments, rooms, offices, warehouses, shops. But there are often cases when you need to heat a small area in the open air. This is usually required during an event, celebration, wedding, photo shoot. Due to the large space and wind, this task often seems unsolvable. However, we are in a hurry to offer you outdoor infrared heaters - reliable sources of heat and comfort. Introducing infrared heating, we firmly associate it with the home, although the range of applications is much wider. And it is effective for street heating, first of all, because it does not heat the air itself, which is especially unstable on the street, but the surrounding objects. Due to this, the heat does not evaporate even with gusts of wind, because it is concentrated in objects and reflected in the environment.

      Where can I buy a street electric heater?

      In the Teplov online store, you are presented with a choice of heating equipment using infrared rays. This type of heating is the best in our time in all respects. If you compare infrared heaters with classic radiators or convectors, the former benefit significantly. It is worth starting with the fact that infrared heaters are economically viable. With great efficiency and maximum heating, they consume 30-40% less energy than traditional counterparts. The efficiency of infrared heaters is 98%, because they fully use energy and turn it into heat.

      In addition, outdoor heaters for summer verandas are considered reliable and safe. They are easy to use, do not require special skills to adjust the temperature - just get a thermostat. In the cold season, such heaters will be indispensable for holding various kinds of celebrations. They are convenient and practical, occupy a minimum of space and, moreover, are not fire hazardous. Their rational use will not allow you to freeze even during severe weather and increase your sense of comfort.

      Mid-wave infrared street heater: features and applications

      If long-wave heaters are used for space heating, then medium-wave solutions will be the solution for open space. They differ from long-wave ones in that they work more powerful, have a large radius and heating power. Also, the heating level of the main element is much higher. However, it is worth remembering that, despite the power, such heaters are not designed for large areas and sites. Heating the space "point", they provide maximum efficiency and do not work idle. If you install the heater in the right place - and you will feel the heat in one minute!

      The heating element - TEN - is heated to 600-650 degrees, which is optimal even for humid weather with sub-zero temperatures. Its effectiveness can be improved with a high-quality reflector. By installing it, you will direct the rays to the right place, so they will be sprayed much less.

      Infrared outdoor heaters are the most convenient choice in modern times. Their efficiency, benefits and effectiveness are undeniable. To choose and order such a device, please contact our online store. We will advise you and help you choose the best option for you. And for heating apartments, we recommend that you consider wall-mounted infrared heaters - stylish and aesthetic heating products that perfectly fit into the interior.

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