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      3. Wall-mounted infrared heaters
      Wall infrared heater NT500 - Teplov Wall infrared heater NT500 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 10
      Rated power, W 450
      Dimensions, mm 500х700х40
      Weight, kg 6.2
      Wall-mounted infrared heater NT500 NEW - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heater NT500 NEW Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 10
      Rated power, W 500
      Dimensions, mm 700х500х12
      Weight, kg 6.2
      Wall-mounted infrared heater NT700 NEW - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heater NT700 NEW Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 700
      Dimensions, mm 1000х500х12
      Weight, kg 8.8
      Wall mounted infrared heater NТ900 NEW - Teplov Wall mounted infrared heater NТ900 NEW Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 18
      Rated power, W 900
      Dimensions, mm 1200х600х12
      Weight, kg 14

      Wall energy-saving IR heaters

      Due to the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of infrared heaters, more and more people tend to buy them. In modern conditions, housing and public utilities can not guarantee high-quality and stable heating, which would satisfy the requirements for comfort. To spend the winter in constant cold - agree, not the best prospect. Especially in the presence of worthy alternatives. Before you - energy-saving wall heaters for the home, which will give you the desired comfort and warmth. They work due to infrared radiation, which has a lot of advantages in comparison with radiator and convector heating.

      Infrared radiation acts on the principle of sunlight. It warms not the air, but the surrounding objects, which repel heat and evenly distribute it in space. Wall-mounted infrared heaters are a new word in heating technology, presented under the brand name Teplov. Our products have proven themselves well not only in Ukraine, but also in European countries, in particular, in Poland, Lithuania, Germany.

      One of the advantages of wall panels is the design feature. Due to the fact that the device is installed directly on the wall or under the window, it takes up a minimum of space. This will be especially appreciated by residents of small apartments, where every square centimeter is counted. Aesthetics, simplicity, ease of management and amazing efficiency. They combine the convenience of radiator systems and all the benefits of infrared heating. In addition, the price is affordable, and it pays off due to the economical consumption of electricity.

      Economical heater for an apartment: features and guarantees

      Very often, customers contact us with the question of what is the difference between innovative infrared electric heaters and traditional convectors. IR systems have a different principle of operation. Unlike convectors, they do not heat the air, but objects in the room. The latter repel heat, due to which a uniform, high-quality heating is obtained. Convectors, on the contrary, carry out direct heat release into the air. And this is fraught with overdrying of air. In practice, we have proved that the effect of infrared electric heaters is preserved better than that of convector ones, because objects and surfaces repel heat many times longer than air. Buy a wall infrared heater is an ideal acquisition for a family that will last you for years.

      Moreover, people often wonder if radiation is harmful to the body. We confidently answer: no, it is only good for him! First, such panels retain the natural humidity of the air and the level of oxygen in it, but at the same time they do not spread bacteria and viruses. You can adjust the temperature yourself and choose the mode that is comfortable for you..

      In addition, you can always buy a heater of optimal power for you. For example, if you have basic heating, you need a 150 or 300 watt appliance. But if you need to heat a cold room, you can use a wall-mounted electric heater for 500 watts. The price of a wall heater will certainly justify itself - both in terms of saving finances, and in terms of comfort.

      Taking care of your interior, we can offer both individual design and design of the heater. As a rule, the standard heater is not very noticeable, it looks minimalist and not catchy. But economical infrared wall-mounted electric heaters can be just like a painting - with drawing illustrations and photos you like. This will especially appeal to children who love bright and colorful objects. This is another important feature of wall heating panels, due to which they are becoming increasingly popular and in demand..

      Infrared heating panels - 100% benefit!

      You should not count the days before the heating is turned on, wrap yourself in blankets and try on the whole winter wardrobe - feel at home comfortable and confident. Putting an infrared heater, you will feel the beauty of independent heating, where you yourself are the master of your comfort. The efficiency of such equipment is 98%, which indicates maximum efficiency. Conventional batteries give off heat to the air, and it rises to the ceiling, so little is felt by you. At the same time you pay at a completely non-democratic rate, although the quality of such services leaves much to be desired.

      Heating wall infrared panels - a good choice for life. They are very easy to install and use, they are absolutely safe and harmless, suitable for any premises. Even drafts will not reduce their effect. Along with the ceiling, they will not affect the space of your room, and maybe even decorate it..

      Remember that traditional heating systems will not be able to provide such an economical and high-quality heating. Infrared heating - the choice of many thousands of buyers who have not regretted this acquisition. Feedback from the use of this technique is only positive. Also for heating of verandas, small platforms and territories it is possible to purchase street infrared heaters. This is an indispensable thing for events, concerts, weddings and other celebrations in the cold season..

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