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      2. Wall-mounted infrared heaters
      Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H150 - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H150
      Price: UAH1,200.00
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      Heated area, m² 3
      Rated power, W 150
      Dimensions, mm 1000х150х20
      Weight, kg 2
      Wall-mounted infrared heaters Teplov H700  - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heaters Teplov H700
      Price: UAH1,759.00
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      Heated area, m² 14
      Rated power, W 700
      Dimensions, mm 1000х500х40
      Weight, kg 8
      Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H300 - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H300
      Price: UAH1,800.00
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      Heated area, m² 7
      Rated power, W 300
      Dimensions, mm 1000х320х20
      Weight, kg 4
      Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H500 - Teplov Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H500
      Price: UAH2,200.00
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      Heated area, m² 12
      Rated power, W 450
      Dimensions, mm 1000х450х20
      Weight, kg 6

      The increasing of the interest to the infrared heating allow us constantly developed in the direction of creation and improvement of new models – system of infrared heating. Wall infrared heaters - are the new line of heating equipment, united under Ukrainian trade mark Teplov, which is excellent recommended itself not only in our country but in Germany, Poland, Lithuania.

      Wall infrared heaters Teplov were created in the capacity of safety and economical alternative to the habitual radiators, which at their definite advantages can not to the end provide required temperature conditions in the premise without increasing the power that means increasing of the costs on the heating. Wall infrared panels unite the convenience of radiators and safety infrared heating that is to the buyers taste. Due to the price at the wall infrared heater is reasonable, possibility to install such equipment have people who choose the heating for their house and corporative clients with a different budget.   

      Infrared wall electrical heaters are necessary to select basing on the waiting result taking into account characteristics of the premise. The number of radiate plates will influence at the power and effectiveness of heating. If the wall heater is required as a additional source of heat in separate zones at the presence of the main heating system (at the same time the radiant). You can buy wall infrared heater with a power 150 and 300 W. These panels are installed in the zones with the maximal heatloss for prevention of the warmth exit outside. Wall infrared panels with a power 500W are ideally set for main heat of the living, household premises, school classes, medical institutions and in administrative institutions. First of all, installation of this source of heat at the places where massive radiators are fixed usually, free more space (the heater relieves less than 3 sm from the wall), and esthetic exterior of the wall infrared heater allows don’t close the windows with the heavy curtains and use the convenient louver, and don’t become the dust collector, in difference from pipes, between which usually accumulates much dust. To buy and install wall infrared heaters is possible at any season – connection of the system is carried out without additional permissive documents and simple way of fixing doesn’t require the full or cosmetic repair.   

      Often, having decided to use for heating of premise electric heaters, clients address to us with a question, what is the difference between wall convectors, which are also rather compact and esthetic, and wall infrared heaters. The main difference that made infrared sources popular - it is direction on heating of the working surfaces in the room, but not to the direct heat supply in the air. Exactly this principle of work and reasonable price make wall infrared heaters Teplov profitable purchase on the nearest 10 years, as minimum. The tests which carried-out before the start of line allow talking about the equal heating of the premise perimeter, long-time saving of the temperature after turning off the system as far as warmed subjects and surfaces return the heat at several times longer, than air. The warm does not rise to the ceiling unheated streams of the air masses, that means that drafts don’t become a barrier for effectiveness index of system. Wall infrared panels create comfortable temperature regime at the level of human life-activities – where we are walking, sitting, working and having a rest. Safety of the infrared rays for human health multiply was proved by European researchers, and also with the check on the compliance of our equipments with the standards of quality. Specially installed thermoregulators allow to control the temperature at the premise and provide regime work of heaters in a such way that price of heating of premise and economy will pleasantly surprise you.   

      In a such way, neither gas heating, nor the installed convectors, directed on the heating of the air couldn’t purposefully and economically to heat any premise as it can do wall infrared heaters. To buy such modern and unique source of heat it’s possible on our site, previously having found out the necessary power and number, having consulted with the specialist on the infrared heating Teplov.

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