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      1. Ceiling infrared heaters
      Infrared heater Teplov B600 - Teplov Infrared heater Teplov B600 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 6
      Rated power, W 600
      Dimensions, mm 1000x160x40
      Weight, kg 4.5
      Infrared heater Teplov B1000 - Teplov Infrared heater Teplov B1000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 10
      Rated power, W 1000
      Dimensions, mm 1200x160x40
      Weight, kg 6
      Infrared heater TeploV B1350 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV B1350 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 13
      Rated power, W 1300
      Dimensions, mm 1540x152x40
      Weight, kg 7
      Teplov Black Edition BE1000 - Teplov Teplov Black Edition BE1000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 12
      Rated power, W 1000
      Dimensions, mm 1200x160x40
      Weight, kg 6.5
      Teplov Black Edition BE1350 - Teplov Teplov Black Edition BE1350 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1300
      Dimensions, mm 1500x160x40
      Weight, kg 6.5
      Infrared heater TeploV P2000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P2000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 20
      Rated power, W 2000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х282х42
      Weight, kg 12
       - Teplov Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 26
      Rated power, W 2600
      Power consumption, W 870
      Dimensions, mm 1540х282х42
      Weight, kg 15
      Infrared heater TeploV P3000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P3000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 30
      Rated power, W 3000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х436х72
      Weight, kg 17
      Infrared heater TeploV P4000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P4000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 40
      Rated power, W 4000
      Dimensions, mm 1540х436х72
      Weight, kg 20

      There is a number of considerable advantages of usage of infrared heating before other system. Heating by means of long-wave infrared heater is, first of all, economical. So, for example, the ceiling infrared heater is the most common way of IR-heating at energy consumption 98% has an efficiency that means high effectiveness and heat transfer at reasonable and unwasteful using of resources. The wish to buy the infrared heater can be easily realized if correctly make heat calculations which will help to calculate the number of long-wave heaters which satisfy daily requirement in heating this or that premise. Most often for heating of residental or working rooms just such infrared heaters are used which is accepted to call ”ceiling”. They are easily installed at any height and under any angle that considerably increases the quality of heating at the necessary zone.

      If to speak about the influence of infrared radiation for man, it’s worth to notice that everyone who decided to buy the infrared heater, which includes ceiling, are never complained at the discomfort and especially feeling unwell after work of long-wave infrared heater. You shouldn’t confuse and compare IR radiation to other X-rays, electromagnetic or even to radioactive. It’s very important, infrared rays in its nature doesn’t harmful to human body at all and on the contrary at moderate exposure contribute to the improvement of blood circulation, the state of joints, locomotor system. Buy and use long-wave heater it’s possible at any state of health. Uniform heating of the human body and everything that is in the area of coverage of the ceiling infrared heater is made due to long wave that by nature occurs from solar heat.

      Before the installation of IR heating system it’s necessary to buy not only the long-wave heater, but a termocontroller which helps you to set the necessary temperature and fluently regulate the action of infrared heater at it’s changes. The warm premise (room, office, workshop, farm) is created due to direct heating of all surfaces that are situated in. For firm and thick subjects the permeability of IR waves could be to 3 cm. For soft and thin or live objects this number can be 4 cm. This influence of long-wave infrared heater provides the long feeling and saving the warmth even at decrease of air temperature.

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