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      1. Ceiling infrared heaters
      Infrared heater TeploV B600 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV B600 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 6
      Rated power, W 600
      Dimensions, mm 1000x160x40
      Weight, kg 4.5
      Infrared heater Teplov B1000 - Teplov Infrared heater Teplov B1000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 10
      Rated power, W 1000
      Dimensions, mm 1200x160x40
      Weight, kg 6
      Infrared heater TeploV B1350 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV B1350 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 13
      Rated power, W 1300
      Dimensions, mm 1540x152x40
      Weight, kg 7
      Teplov Black Edition BE1000 - Teplov Teplov Black Edition BE1000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 12
      Rated power, W 1000
      Dimensions, mm 1200x160x40
      Weight, kg 6.5
      Teplov Black Edition BE1350 - Teplov Teplov Black Edition BE1350 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1300
      Dimensions, mm 1500x160x40
      Weight, kg 6.5
      Infrared heater TeploV P2000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P2000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 20
      Rated power, W 2000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х282х42
      Weight, kg 12
      Infrared heater TeploV P2600 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P2600 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 26
      Rated power, W 2600
      Power consumption, W 870
      Dimensions, mm 1540х282х42
      Weight, kg 15
      Infrared heater TeploV P3000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P3000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 30
      Rated power, W 3000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х436х72
      Weight, kg 17
      Infrared heater TeploV P4000 - Teplov Infrared heater TeploV P4000 Add to Cart
      Heated area, m² 40
      Rated power, W 4000
      Dimensions, mm 1540х436х72
      Weight, kg 20

      Ceiling infrared heaters

      Infrared heating has a number of objective advantages over similar systems. This makes it popular and in demand for Ukrainian families. Infrared heater is an indispensable thing for winter, especially if you live in a house with weak or unstable heating. In terms of efficiency, infrared heating has no equal: working efficiently and smoothly, it takes a minimum of electricity, allowing you to save money and not sacrifice comfort. In the online store Teplov you will find infrared ceiling heaters - a worthy alternative to traditional radiators and convectors. With their reasonable and unscrupulous use, you can save 30-40% of finance, which is important with the prices of housing and public utilities in Ukraine.

      Ceiling heater: what it is and how it functions?

      First, it is worthwhile to make out the features of IR systems Working on the principle of solar radiation, they heat not the air, but the objects around them. The latter reflect the heat in the space and make it possible to evenly heat the room. The advantage of this approach is that the air does not overdry, does not lose oxygen, but, on the contrary, becomes more clean and useful for humans.

      Infrared waves have a positive effect on the environment, kill bacteria and viruses, prevent the occurrence of dampness and mold on the walls and furniture. This makes them not only safe for the human body, but even useful. Clearing the air, infrared heaters improve health, it is noticeable for people experiencing problems with the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

      Infrared long-wave heaters have an efficiency equal to 98%. It means the highest efficiency at the minimum expenses. This type of heating ensures comfort and warmth regardless of centralized heating. Now you do not have to put on a lot of warm clothes while in the apartment and feel the flaws of the Ukrainian LCD system. At home, you should feel comfortable and secure, and also give this feeling to loved ones.

      Long-wave infrared heater - a small price for your comfort and warmth!

      Among all infrared heating systems, ceiling is the most in demand. It is convenient, practical and functional. And most importantly, the ceiling heater does not clutter up the space, which is important for small rooms. But the main advantage of such devices is not their spatial characteristics. Being on the ceiling, the long-wave heater evenly heats all objects, being in the radius of its impact, which improves the quality of heating. In addition, after switching on, you will very quickly feel the heat, even if before it was very cold in the room.

      To use the ceiling electric heater, you must have a thermostat with which you can set the optimum temperature and control the system. Smooth temperature control will allow you to avoid the load on the body, pressure drops and changes in well-being. Even if you turn off the heater, you will still be warm for a long time due to high-quality heating of surrounding objects. It is impossible not to note and easy installation of such systems, as well as ease of operation.

      In addition to ceiling, often used wall-mounted infrared heaters, which also do not pretend to the space of the room and optimally heat it. You can see them in our catalog - prices and quality of products will certainly delight you.

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