Quality of TM “TeploV”
  • Only qualitative components of world manufacturers.
  • Each unit of production passes multistage quality control.
  • Guaranty on infrared heaters TM TeploV is 3 years.
Terms of guaranty
  • Warranty card with the seller seal.
  • Check about the acquisition of a heater.
  • Exploitation according the instruction.


Company “Ukrprom” is the producer of infrared long-wave and medium wave heaters TeploV. Heaters “TeploV” is recognized trade mark in Europe confirmed by CE certificate.

We are so sure in a quality of our products that the guarantee on infrared heaters TM TeploV is unprecedented 3 years.

In production of heaters we use only qualitative components of world manufactures. Before it gets to buyers hands each unit of production passes multistage quality control.

Conditions of guarantee submission. 

During guarantee period it’s necessary to keep warranty card, which contains information about the date of sale of heater, models of the infrared heater and their number. Warranty card has to be certified by seller seal. In the case of seal absence the warranty card is considered invalid. Ex]ploitation and connection of the infrared heater TeploV should take place only accordingly with requirements of the user manual heaters TM TeploV.

Refusal from warranty liabilities.

  1. The specified guarantee is valid only at presentation of warranty card corresponding to all requirements of filling.

  2. The specified guaranty doesn’t give a right for compensation and recovering of damages, resulted from processing of a product without preliminary written consent of the producer in order to bring it in compliance with local technical standards and safety regulations.

  3. The specified guaranty is invalid if the serial number on the product was changed, erased, deleted or is illegible.

  4. The specified guaranty is invalid in case of modification of product construction from the buyer;
    • wrong exploitation or using of the product for other purpose or doesn’t in accordance with manufacturer’s operation manual and the installation or using of product doesn’t correspond to the technical standards and safety regulations;
    • exploitation without voltage circuit breaker;
    • repair made by unauthorized service centers or dealers;
    • accidents, lightning strokes, flooding, fire and other reasons which are out of control of the producer ;
    • defects recived during transportation of the device by the customer, except when it is done by authorized dealers or manufacturer;
    • defects of system where these products were used;
    • exploitation at a higher voltage (more than 10 % of nominal) and humidity more than 80% at a temperature +25 °