Long-wave infrared heaters "TeploV" are successfully used for heating greenhouses and livestock farms.


Industrial infrared heaters TM "TeploV" are the most cost-effective heating system for the manufactories, warehouses, hangars, and other industrial facilities


Ceiling heaters "TeploV" are at arm's length. We are expanding our dealer network. The best conditions for our of representatives.

International Cooperation

Infrared panels "TeploV" are recognized TM in Europe. Our heaters are certified in the EU and have the CE mark certificate.

Electric infrared heaters for the apartment and country house TM Teplov

With the arrival of winter, the issue of heating becomes relevant for every Ukrainian family. Centralized heating is turned on only in mid-late October, and the cold comes much earlier. At the same time, even heating does not guarantee maximum comfort and optimum temperature. To provide the whole family with convenience and comfort for the entire period of cold weather, we recommend to buy infrared energy-saving heaters for the home. It is suitable for home, office, shop, warehouse. Infrared heaters will not let you freeze, they are much more convenient than traditional radiators and convectors, and have many advantages.

In 2005, our company has begun the introduction of energy-saving heating technologies on the base of long-wave infrared heaters.

In 2010, we have developed their own row of long-wave infrared heaters, optimized them for the Ukrainian market and opened its own mass production of heaters under "TEPLOV" trademark.

Since 2014 we started export of our products. Our heaters are successfully sold in Lithuania, Great Britain, Poland and even in Germany. The quality of our products is confirmed by European certificate of conformity.

IR heaters for home: principle of operation and characteristics

The work of infrared heaters is similar to the work of the sun's rays: they heat not the air, but the walls and furniture, which, in turn, reflect the heat into the surrounding space. This allows you to quickly heat the room, which reduces energy costs. One of the main advantages is profitability: they spend 30-40% less electricity than other similar devices. And with the prices of utilities, the savings will be tangible.

Despite the fact that electric infrared heaters with thermostat very quickly heat the room, they are completely harmless and environmentally friendly. Their principle of operation does not allow to overdry the air. Rays of such devices do not contain ultraviolet. In addition, they have a lot of useful properties: they destroy bacteria and viruses, prevent the appearance of damp and fungus. Not a single buyer has regretted the purchase, and, moreover, has not complained about his health. On the contrary, such devices significantly improve well-being and often contribute to the normalization of the cardiovascular system..

Of course, infrared heaters - this is the same comfort for the whole family. You no longer have to shiver in the morning, getting out of bed from under the blanket, you do not have to put on sweaters and socks. The house is a place where you should always be comfortable and warm, where your body should rest. Buy infrared heaters is a great idea that all members of your family will certainly appreciate. You will feel how great it is - not to depend on housing and utilities schedules, to feel comfortable and at the same time save money!

Household infrared heater - the benefits

In the online store Teplov you will see a range of equipment for heating, including wall mounted infrared heaters. Welcome to our catalog - before you high-quality and reliable equipment for heating. In addition to all the benefits, infrared heaters for the home are incredibly easy to operate. You can install them anywhere - on the floor, on the wall, on the ceiling, and anyone can do it. It is even easier to regulate them: you just have to choose the optimum temperature mode for yourself and use the thermostat. Turn off the heating when leaving, but as soon as you come home, you will not have to wait long for the room to warm up: you will feel warm in a matter of minutes!

Thus, the benefit is hard to overestimate. Among their undeniable advantages:

  • economy;
  • no harmful emissions;
  • beneficial effects on the human body and the environment;
  • easy to install and operate;
  • reliability and efficiency;
  • fast and uniform heating;
  • low price.

You can also see the infrared panels - the best option for heating for a modern apartment. Contact Teplov consultants - and give warmth to your whole family!