Long-wave infrared heaters "TeploV" are successfully used for heating greenhouses and livestock farms.


Industrial infrared heaters TM "TeploV" are the most cost-effective heating system for the manufactories, warehouses, hangars, and other industrial facilities


Ceiling heaters "TeploV" are at arm's length. We are expanding our dealer network. The best conditions for our of representatives.

International Cooperation

Infrared panels "TeploV" are recognized TM in Europe. Our heaters are certified in the EU and have the CE mark certificate.


09 August 2018
10 April 2017
10 April 2017
10 April 2017

In 2005, our company has begun the introduction of energy-saving heating technologies on the base of long-wave infrared heaters.

In 2010, we have developed their own row of long-wave infrared heaters, optimized them for the Ukrainian market and opened its own mass production of heaters under "TEPLOV" trademark.

Since 2014 we started export of our products. Our heaters are successfully sold in Lithuania, Great Britain, Poland and even in Germany. The quality of our products is confirmed by European certificate of conformity.