Infrared heating of the greenhouses and farms is convenient and profitable


   To the greenhouse or a farm could bring the income in winter time, its heating has to be economical and effective. Other is not given. The best alternative to outdated methods is the system of infrared heating of the greenhouses, farms and hotbeds, which is perfectly cope with protection of plants and soil from the cold.



Down with outdates methods of heating the greenhouses and farms in winter!

Get more income with new technologies.

 Инфракрасное отопление теплиц


   Traditional heating methods of the greenhouses and farms (gas oven, water, coal and wood heating, convectors) became less convenient and cost effective. They needs considerable physical and money expenses that make the business more complicated and automatically increase self cost of production (that isn’t good). To replace old practice comes innovations – infrared heating.



   Infrared heating of the greenhouses and farms has mass of advantages due to which germination capacity and growth of animals increase to 30-40% while reducing energy consumption by 40-70%:




Create naturals and comfortable conditions of heating of the greenhouse and farm choosing suitable way of installation of the radiators.




   Depending on technological conditions infrared heaters can be placed on the ceiling, walls or used for heating of soil and animals, lying under the seedbeds.



 обогрев теплиц и ферм инфракрасными обогревателями



The most simple and available way is the top heating (heat source is placed on the walls or ceiling) with the help:



Инфракрасные лампы в теплицеИК лампа





   For the most effectiveness the lamps and radiators is recommended to mount on the subscales regulated on the high. Precisely to dose the amount of heat received by soil and plants. 



   The lower winter heating of the greenhouse is made by means of special tapes. The depth of their laying must be not more than 0,5 m from the surface of seedbed.


   Tape is laid in the ground horizontally under the seedbed or vertically between the seedbeds and along the perimeter.


   The system of lower heating is more difficult in installation but it allows to achieve a maximum decrease of energy consumption.


   It’s important! At annual replacement of the ground, workers have to be extremely accurate not to damage the heating tape.


Infrared heating can be used for heating of other industrial spaces and private houses.


Also you can independently calculate heating of the greenhouses by infrared heaters.


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