Infrared heating of greenhouses and farms - convenient and profitable

In order for a greenhouse or farm to generate income in the winter, its heating must be economical and efficient. No other is given. The best alternative to obsolete methods is the infrared heating system of greenhouses, farms and hotbeds, which perfectly copes with the protection of plants and soil from the cold.

Инфракрасное отопление теплиц

Traditional methods of heating greenhouses and farms (gas stoves, water, coal and wood heating, convectors) are no longer convenient and cost-effective. They require significant physical and financial costs, which greatly complicates the conduct of business and automatically increases the cost of production (which is not good). Innovation replaces old practice - infrared heating of a greenhouse.

Infrared heating of greenhouses and farms has a lot of advantages, due to which seed germination and animal growth is increased by 30-40% while reducing energy consumption by 40-70%:

Another important feature that summer residents will appreciate is simplicity and ease of maintenance. Everything you need to create comfortable conditions for growing vegetables, fruits, flowers, or to provide a comfortable microclimate for pets in the autumn-winter period, install the device correctly and make sure that it works properly. If you notice the slightest malfunction in his work, contact the professionals for help. They will quickly eliminate all possible defects.

обогрев теплиц и ферм инфракрасными обогревателями

Create natural and comfortable conditions for heating the greenhouse and the farm by choosing the appropriate method for installing emitters!

How to install IR heaters?

Depending on the technological conditions, infrared heaters can be placed on the ceiling, walls or used to heat the soil and animals, laying under beds.

The easiest and most affordable way is overhead heating (a heat source is placed on the walls or ceiling) using:

Инфракрасные лампы в теплице

ИК лампа

For greater efficiency, it is recommended to mount lamps and emitters on height-adjustable suspensions. To accurately meter the amount of heat received by soil and plants.

The lower winter heating of the greenhouse is carried out by means of special tapes laid in the ground. This type of installation has two significant features.:

The bottom heating system is more difficult to install, but at the same time it allows to achieve maximum reduction in energy consumption.

Important! When changing the ground every year, workers must be extremely careful not to damage the heating film.

Infrared heating can be used to heat other industrial premises, as well as private homes. You can also independently calculate the heating of the greenhouse with infrared heaters.