We work for you. We work thanks to you!

Not so long ago, our company took part in the heating of stops / shelters in Kharkov. Of course, this is not our first project to heat similar places, but this is the first shelter project in which our product was advertised for free on television.

Our company, all our employees and partners actively help everyone who takes part in one way or another in preserving the integrity of our country. In victory over our common enemy.

Despite all the difficulties in work, all the difficulties in production, we made another decision to scale up assistance to all those involved and those in need.

Every day, whether you are a military man, whether you are a doctor, whether you are an employee of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, a diplomat, etc., you give all your strength for the country, for our children, for our future. Each of us is grateful to you for your efforts. And as our gratitude, we are ready to help those in which we understand, what we do, and what we can. Not for high-profile PR, not as a marketing strategy for promotion, not for an inscription - every hryvnia from the sale on ZSU.

For all representatives of ZSU, medical institutions, Ministry of Emergency Situations, etc. we will provide a discount on any of our products from the sections of wall, ceiling or other infrared heaters of our production.

Together we are united, together we are invincible, together to victory!