About us

Our history.

LLC "Ukrprom" - is a successful domestic manufacturer of infrared heaters under "TeploV" trademark. Production facilities and the main office are located in Kharkov, but our products are popular not only in Ukraine but also in many European countries.

In 2005, we pioneered in the adaptation of energy-efficient heating technologies on the basis of Bilyuks long-wave infrared heaters, as a distributor in cooperation with a representative office in Russia. One of the main keys to success - is to keep pace with the times and always improve. That is why for the next 5 years we had been developing our own line of infrared heaters since we believed that Ukrainians should have been able to buy a high-quality product at no additional charge for shipping and dues.

2010 was the starting point and the beginning of a new stage in the history of our company - we released our own line of ceiling infrared heaters optimized for the Ukrainian market and thus became the first Ukrainian manufacturer of such innovative infrared heating systems. Later we established mass production of our own heaters under "TEPLOV" trademark. Household and industrial heaters of our production quickly gained popularity and are now used in a variety of areas for primary, additional and local space heating.

In 2014 LLC "Ukrprom" became the first and so far the only holder of a European certificate of compliance with the European quality standards according to the EU Declaration of Conformity and other mandatory requirements. This gave the green light to the development of international cooperation and afterward we opened representative offices in Lithuania, Poland, Germany and even in Ireland. In the near future, we plan to develop the Estonian direction. Thus, presently, Teplov™ infrared heaters can be purchased in 20 regions of Ukraine and in 4 EU countries.

In 2015, we won the tender for heating of industrial premises of SOE "NARP" - an enterprise, the importance of which in the aviation industry of Ukraine can hardly be overestimated. In general, 47 heaters of different capacity were used for heating of various premises of the enterprise. In September 2015, Teplov infrared heaters were chosen in the tender for the heating of the Kiev Metro. These are just two examples from a variety of different projects that have been developed and brought about with maximum quality in the shortest space of time

In 2016, we launched the production of a new product line - Teplov™ wall-mounted infrared heaters. They make it possible to use infrared heating instead of wall-mounted radiators. Moreover, one of the models - is a heater that allows creating a "warm plinth" system, which is gaining popularity among connoisseurs of comfort and economical heating.

Today the number of our customers is estimated at hundreds, while the number of heaters we've sold is estimated at tens of thousands. We are grateful to our customers for their trust and for choosing Teplov infrared heaters!

Our priorities.

We believe that any successful business begins with the faith and understanding of why you're doing it. Only the presence of clear priorities and aspirations allows to really succeed and be the best in the business.

That is why we introduce infrared heating technologies and make them available to everyone without detriment to quality and safety since we believe that infrared heating - a heating of the future, because only infrared rays are able to provide a healthy and safe heating in the house, at the production and the office.

Our main task is to maximize the preservation of natural resources in general and cost saving for each client, which is achieved due to the unusual properties of infrared rays. They give 80% of the heat directly to the surfaces of objects that you use on a daily basis (floor, furniture, partitions, walls), and only 20 % - to the air, thus leaving it fresh with a normal level of humidity, which makes the air safe for lungs.

Lines of development.

LLC "Ukrprom" has 4 main lines of development and introducing of infrared heating.

Agriculture. Infrared heating has been used for many years for heating greenhouses and farms since infrared rays gently and evenly heat the plants and animals, contributing to the process of growth, healing of small wounds and nutrient absorption.

Industry is the main segment of the use of infrared heating. Ukrainian production and industrial enterprises are choosing infrared heating not only for its quality but also for the opportunity to have a close control of expenses and heat supply. This allows you to always provide for the costs and, at request, reduce them by selecting the appropriate heating mode. Infrared heating is used for heating of workshops, hangars, warehouses and also for providing comfortable working conditions in the workplace. Infrared heaters do not let substances freeze and crystallize during the transportation through pipelines, storage, and use.

Also, we are always open to partnership and international cooperation. To clarify the conditions and offers you should contact the main office by the phone numbers that you can find on the site.