Which heater to choose for a summer residence: an overview of options

So that in the summer house or cottage in the autumn-winter period it is warm and comfortable, choose infrared heaters. They are considered a worthy alternative to traditional convectors and radiators. They have a compact size, easy installation and energy consumption is two to three times lower than that of traditional appliances used to heat the room. But now the main question remains: what kind of heating is better to choose for a summer residence - electric, gas or diesel.

Types of IR heaters

An excellent range of infrared heaters is on the market. For customers, this is a big plus: you will choose the best option, taking into account the technical characteristics of the device, type of power, price, service life and operating rules.

The first stage of selection is the choice of device by type of power. You have three options: electric, gas and diesel. The most reliable and practical option for a summer residence are considered devices that are powered by the mains. They are easy to connect, they consume a minimum of energy and care for this product is minimal. In addition, they will provide a comfortable temperature in the room, when outside the window - 20-25 ° C. But among this type of device there is also a hierarchy by type of installation:

  • floor;
  • wall mounted;
  • ceiling;

It is up to you to decide which electric heater to choose for a cottage, since all three types of appliances will give warmth and comfort to your household. Their only difference in the installation location is on the floor, on the ceiling or on the wall, but the principle of operation is the same: they spread warm air throughout the room, heating the surrounding objects. Thanks to these devices, autumn and winter will be held in a wonderful atmosphere.

Gas and diesel IR heaters are suitable for full or partial heating of a cottage, summer kitchen, garage. But unlike devices powered by the mains, they are less economical.

Street infrared heaters: the main advantages

If you want to have a picnic or a barbecue outing in the middle of winter, you should buy street electric heaters. These devices are used to heat open and half-open areas: arbors, verandas, terraces, gardens or a special area designed for cooking in the fresh air.

The main advantage of outdoor IR devices is that they work precisely, heating not only the air, but also the surrounding attributes. By sending warm air to the table or seats, you warm them up for one to two minutes and enjoy the wonderful atmosphere and comfort in the winter. By the way, these devices can also be used in rainy weather.

Buying an IR heater: key points

When choosing an infrared heater for a summer residence, pay attention to a number of characteristics. On them you can judge the quality, reliability and durability of the selected model:

  • cost (low price is an attractive "trap". Do not forget that the reduction in the cost of household products is due to the fact that the manufacturer saved on high-quality components and final testing of the device. Such a model may fail in a couple of months);
  • case strength (the frame of the device should be perfectly smooth, without cosmetic defects);
  • quality of wires (integral cables - the key to long and safe operation of the device);
  • the presence of a temperature controller (this addition will allow you to choose the optimal mode of operation of the device, taking into account the initial air temperature in the room, the presence of drafts and other related factors).

Order IR heaters for a summer residence or a country cottage in specialized stores and companies.