Ceiling Heaters Teplov or Bilux. What to choose?

To begin with, Teplov and Bilux are two large Ukrainian producers in the segment of ceiling infrared heating, developing in parallel with the address of production facilities in the city of Kharkov.

In the product line of both companies there are a lot of similarities (model names, capacities, etc.) and at the same time significant differences.

It is in the differences that we will understand today by the example of the most "running" ceiling heater with the same marking B1350.

External differences of a ceiling heater Teplov B1350 from Bilux B1350.

Верхний зазор потолочного обогревателя Теплов Б1350 Верхний зазор потолочного обогревателя Билюкс Б1350

Нижний зазор обогревателя Теплов Б1350 Нижний зазор обогревателя Билюкс Б1350

Боковой зазор обогревателя Теплов Б1350 Боковой зазор потолочного обогревателя Билюкс Б1350 

  Teplov B1350 Bilux B1350
Packaging Corrugated cardboard Corrugated cardboard
Dimensions *, mm 1540*152*40 1542х163х40
Power, W 1300 1200
type of paint Powder paint Powder paint
Form factor Parallelepiped Parallelepiped

Technological gaps

2-3 mm

Technological gaps

5-10 mm

Price, UAH 2999 3199

* - All data is taken on the official websites of manufacturers teplov.com.ua and bilux.ua

Comparison result.

  • Packing heaters. And one and the second manufacturer uses painted cardboard. The thickness and density of the package is the same.
  • Dimensions Heater Teplov B1350 10mm narrower than Bilux B1350. In fact, this difference is not noticeable.
  • Power. Teplov B1350 has a rated power of 1300 watts. Bilux B1350 has a rated power of 1200 watts. Heater.
  • Painting. And one and the second manufacturer paints the case with white glossy powder paint.
  • Body shape. Heat has the shape of an elongated rectangle. Bilux has the form of an elongated trapezoid.
  • Workmanship. Technological gaps between the components of the heat heater 2-3mm. Bilux heater gaps 5 mm (minimum) - 10 mm (maximum). It is worth noting that when entering the operating mode of the Bilux B1350 heater, the maximum clearance from 10 mm is reduced to 5-6 mm.
  • Price. The cost of the Teplov B1350 heater is 6.6% lower than the cost of Bilux B1350.

Technical differences of a ceiling infrared heater Teplov B1350 and Bilux B1350.

Зона подключения Теплов Б1350 Зона подключения обогревателя Билюкс Б1350

  Teplov B1350  Bilux B1350
 Terminal block  Italy Germany 
Quality nonflammable, heat resistant nonflammable, heat resistant 
Ease of connection Screw block Self-locking pad
 Heater wires Heat resistant Heat resistant
Case insulation Non-combustible, environmentally friendly Non-combustible, environmentally friendly
Radiating element High precision aluminum profile, anodized High precision aluminum profile, anodized
 Time to reach the operating mode (250 C), min. Less is better 11  14 
Cooling time (100 C), min. More is better 16,06  13,41 

Comparison result.

  • Block. And one and the second manufacturer uses imported high-temperature pads in their heaters. Fire is excluded.
  • Convenience of connection. The Bilux B1350 heater uses a self-clamping block, which allows you to quickly and easily connect the supply wire without a tool. A screw block is used in the Teplov B1350 heater, a flat screwdriver is required to connect the supply wire.
  • Heater wires. And one and the second manufacturer uses special high-temperature wires. Fire is excluded.
  • Thermal insulation of the case. And one and the second manufacturer uses a non-combustible, environmentally friendly heat insulator. The temperature of the heater body in operating mode does not exceed the permissible temperature.
  • Radiating element. And one and the second manufacturer uses a high-precision aluminum profile. The profile of each is anodized, which excludes its aging, oxidation, etc.
  • Time to exit to operating mode. The measurement was carried out at room temperature +25 degrees and a voltage in the network of 200 V (yes yes, it was such a voltage in the network at the time of the control measurements). An exit to the mode was considered to be the temperature of the radiating element of 250 C. The Teplov heater - 11 minutes. Bilux Heater - 14 minutes. The energy spent to reach the set temperature Teplov B1350 11/60 * 1300 = 238 W, Bilux B1350 14/60 * 1200 = 279 W. Other things being equal, Teplov B1350 is 17.2% more effective than Bilux B1350.
  • Cooling time. The measurement was carried out from the moment the emitter reached a working temperature of 250 degrees and then cooled to a temperature of 100 C. The control point was the portion of the emitter that cools down to a predetermined temperature for as long as possible. The cooling time of Teplov B1350 is 16 minutes 6 seconds. The cooling time of the Bilux B1350 is 14 minutes 41 seconds. All other things being equal, the Teplov B1350 heater gives off heat after a shutdown 9.6% longer, which also speaks of efficiency and the efficiency indicator between the two compared models.

Данный график отображает количество затраченной энергии каждого обогревателя график эффективности потолочных обогревателей Теплов и Билюкс

Product Conclusion.

Our experts constantly conduct test purchases of third-party products in order to familiarize themselves, study, compare, etc. As a decent manufacturer, we will not voice the findings casting a shadow on the products of another brand. We disassembled each element, made a comparison of materials, technical characteristics and measured the effectiveness of each heater as a whole. Measurements were carried out as impartially as possible, realizing that anyone can carry out a similar test in the case of libel, our company with experience from 2005 will not be in the best light.

We believe that the information presented above is sufficient to make a decision in favor of a particular product. We thank everyone who has read our publication and wish only the right decisions!