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      Wall-mounted infrared heater NT500 NEW


      Heated area, m² 10
      Rated power, W 500
      Dimensions, mm 700х500х12
      Weight, kg 6.2
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      Infrared heater NT500 is one of the models in the updated line of high-tech products from the TeploV brand. It is intended for domestic use and can be used as the main source of heat or in addition to the operation of the centralized network. The rated power of one device is 500 W with dimensions of 500x700x12 mm and a weight of 6.2 kg. Please note: in the updated line, the device received not only technical changes, but also external ones, becoming almost two times thinner. Also, now the IR heater can be mounted both on the wall and on the floor on special legs, additionally equipped with wheels for easy movement. Thanks to such solutions, its versatility and usability have increased..

      Like other representatives of the line of infrared heaters, NT500 works on the principle of direct heating of consumers, which minimizes heat dissipation, reduces energy consumption, and provides fast heating. Due to its waterproof design, the heater can be used in rooms for any purpose, including bathrooms, kitchens, etc. The main thing is that the humidity level does not exceed 80%. High manufacturability of the device is provided by a digital thermostat that allows the user:

      • set a comfortable air temperature;
      • enable "child" button lock;
      • set the time for automatic activation;
      • set the highest possible temperature on the panel surface;
      • enable / disable the option of automatic power reduction by 50%.

      The infrared heater NT500 works automatically: as soon as the room temperature drops below the set one, the device will automatically turn on and, accordingly, when the required value is reached, it will turn off. Operating parameters are shown on the display allowing the user to control them.


      Buy infrared heater NT500 is recommended for use in rooms with ceiling heights up to 3 meters. It can be:

      • city apartments, including those that abandoned centralized heating in favor of electric;
      • country houses and country cottages, including year-round use;
      • pharmacies, dental offices, clinics, diagnostic centers and other medical institutions;
      • kindergartens, schools, development centers, universities;
      • catering places: cafes, restaurants, pubs, bars;
      • retail outlets, security points, kiosks, offices, etc.


      Infrared heater TeploV NT500 is intended for use as primary or secondary heat source during the heating season and off-season. It is able to maintain an indoor temperature within 20 C indoors:

      • area up to 10 m2, as the main source of heat at ambient temperatures up to minus 20 С.
      • up to 15 m2 as additional heating (with insufficient efficiency of centralized networks);
      • an area of up to 12 m2 during the off-season, when the outside temperature does not drop below minus 5 С.

      The given parameters are relative and relevant for rooms with heat losses of about 100 W / m2. For rooms with other indicators of heat loss, they will be slightly different. This parameter must be taken into account when choosing a heater.


      The external solution of the infrared heater Teplov NT500 will be appreciated by admirers of both classic and modern design solutions. It attracts attention with its laconism and versatility. The panel is painted white as standard, but this is not the only option. At the request of the customer, we can paint it in any color from the RAL color palette or apply an image, photo, inscription by means of photo printing. The changes made to the design of the device do not affect the functionality in any way, but give it a touch of bright personality. Such a panel will not only provide the room with warmth, but will also become an extraordinary design addition to its interior.


      The TeploV company provides a 3-year warranty for the NT500 infrared heater. The device has all the necessary certificates allowing its domestic use in Ukraine and the European Union. You can get acquainted with the relevant documents in the section of the site "Certificates".

      Package Contents

      By making a choice in favor of the TeploV NT500 infrared panel, you get a device that is completely ready for use. The delivery set includes the panel itself, fasteners, a set for assembling legs with wheels, instructions.

      Where to buy

      The TeploV company offers infrared heaters NT500 with delivery to any regions of Ukraine. You can place an order for the device through the shopping cart on the site or by phone. You can also contact the company's representative office in your city for a purchase. The addresses are given in the "Where to Buy" section. Regardless of how the order was placed, on the website, or through representatives, the price will be the same throughout Ukraine.

      You still have questions, ask our specialists by phone or through online communication services