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      Wall mounted infrared heater NТ900 NEW


      Heated area, m² 18
      Rated power, W 900
      Dimensions, mm 1200х600х12
      Weight, kg 14
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      The TeploV company offers an innovative product on the market of infrared heating devices - the HT900 heater. Its high power allows it to be used both as the main source of heat during the heating and transitional seasons, and in addition to centralized heating. Unlike the previous generation models, the updated HT900 has a smaller thickness - only 12 mm. It has become more versatile and can be mounted not only horizontally and vertically, but also in the floor. Legs with wheels provide the heater with increased mobility, making it easy to move it within the same object. Minimization of convective content eliminates heat dissipation, ensuring rapid heating.

      The heating element of the HT900 infrared heater is made in a waterproof design, which allows the device to be used for heating rooms with a humidity level of up to 80%. The operation of the heater is controlled by a high-precision digital programmer with the following functionality:

      • setting the room temperature;
      • locking of buttons against accidental pressing, with the possibility of unlocking;
      • turning on and off heating;
      • turning on heating for a certain time.

      As additional functions, it is possible to view the temperature reading on the heater display, set the maximum permissible temperature of the heater surface. Also, the device can automatically reduce the power by 50%. But if this option is not needed, it can be disabled.


      Infrared heater TeploV NT900 is designed for use in any household premises with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters:

      • main or additional heating of residential buildings, apartments, country cottages and other residential buildings;
      • shops, kiosks, retail outlets, change houses, offices, security points;
      • premises in preschool, school, higher educational institutions;
      • pharmacies, laboratories, dental clinics and other medical institutions;
      • cafes, bars, restaurants and many other objects.


      Infrared heater TeploV NT900 can be used as:

      1. The main heating of premises with an area of up to 18 m2, providing an internal temperature within 20 C at an outdoor temperature up to minus 20 C.
      2. Additional heating of premises up to 27 m2 in case of low efficiency of centralized networks.
      3. Heating of premises with an area of up to 22 m2 during the off-season at an ambient temperature of up to minus 5 C with maintaining the temperature inside the room within 20 C.

      Please note: the parameters are averaged, for rooms with a heat loss of 100 W / m2.


      In the updated line, the Teplov NT900 infrared heater has become even more modern and thin. The laconic design of the device allows it to harmoniously fit into interiors decorated in any design style. The body is painted white as standard, but at the request of the Customer it can be decorated in any shade of the RAL color palette. It is also possible to apply any image to the front panel by photo printing. Such a solution will not adversely affect the technical and operational capabilities of the device.


      Infrared heater NT900 from TeploV is a reliable modern heating device that meets high requirements for energy efficiency and safety. In the section "Certificates" you can familiarize yourself with all the permits for its use in Ukraine and the EU countries. We also provide an official warranty for heating devices for a period of 3 years.

      Contents of delivery

      The scope of delivery includes a direct infrared panel, a wall mounting kit, instructions and a kit for assembling the legs on wheels.

      Where to buy

      You can buy a "universal" wall and floor infrared heater TeploV NT900 through the online store or at the company's representative offices in your city. The exact addresses of our warehouses are listed in the "Where to Buy" section. Please note: the price of heaters is fixed and applies to all regions of Ukraine.

      If you need additional advice and help in choosing, contact our specialists by phone or send an online request