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      Wall-mounted infrared heater NT700 NEW


      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 700
      Dimensions, mm 1000х500х12
      Weight, kg 8.8
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      TeploV company cares about the warmth and comfort of customers, constantly improving its products and adjusting them to the needs of the client. One of the latest novelties in our catalog is the NT700 thermal wall infrared panel. The rated power of this heater is 700 W with dimensions of 1000x500x12 mm and a weight of only 8.8 kg. It can be used during the off-season, as an addition to centralized heating or as the main source of heat, creating a comfortable environment in the room even in severe frosts. The peculiarity of infrared heaters is that they do not heat the air in the room, but directly heat objects, including people, which significantly increases the efficiency of heating while minimizing energy resources. Heat does not dissipate, but instantly finds its "consumers".

      A distinctive feature of this model is its versatility. It can be mounted not only on the wall, but also installed on the floor on special legs. For the convenience of moving around the room or apartment, house, we equipped them with plastic wheels. The waterproof design of the HT700 IR heater allows it to be used in rooms with a humidity level of up to 80%.

      This heater has become simple and convenient thanks to the use of a thermostat, which allows:

      • set optimal temperature indicators in the room;
      • block accidentally pressing buttons: the so-called "child protection";
      • automatically switch the device on and off;
      • independently turn on the heater at the time set by the user;
      • display of the current temperature on the display;
      • setting the maximum permissible temperature on the panel surface;
      • automatic power reduction to 50% of nominal.


      Infrared heater TeploV NT700 is designed specifically for domestic use. It can be used in rooms for various purposes, including bathrooms, with a ceiling height of no more than 3 meters. This model is suitable for heating:

      • apartments, country cottages not connected to the centralized heating network;
      • country houses, both seasonal and periodic residence;
      • kiosks, small shops and other retail outlets;
      • construction change houses, security points, workshops, offices;
      • preschool and school institutions, training centers;
      • medical institutions, including hospitals, pharmacies;
      • places of public catering: bars, cafes, restaurants, etc.


      Infrared thermal panel TeploV NT700 is intended for domestic use and can be used as:

      • The main source of heat for heating premises with an area of up to 15 m2, creating and maintaining a comfortable temperature (about 20 C) at an outdoor temperature of up to minus 20 C.
      • Additional heat source in case of insufficient intensity of centralized heating in rooms up to 25 m2.
      • A heat source during the off-season (at outdoor temperatures up to minus 5 C) in rooms up to 18 m2, creating and maintaining the temperature within 20 C.

      The actual parameters may differ slightly from those given, which is associated with the heat loss of a particular room. These figures are relevant for experimental conditions: heat loss is 100 W / m2.


      Updates of the line of infrared heaters of the NT series and models with a power of 700 W, in particular, concerned primarily the design solution. The panel has become even thinner (only 12 mm), stylish and modern, which will allow it to harmoniously fit into the interior of any room, regardless of the given design style. The panel is painted white as standard, but any other shades from the RAL color palette are also possible. For those who would like to add a touch of originality to the interior of their home, we suggest using the photo printing service. We will put any image on the panel: picture, photo, inscription.


      High quality wall heater NT700 produced by heat has been certified by the international standard. We offer you to get acquainted with them in the section "Certificates". According to the available documentation, the device is approved for use both in Ukraine and in the countries of the European Union. All heaters have an official 3-year warranty.

      Package Contents

      Buying wall-mounted infrared heater NT700, you get the unit, completely ready for mounting. The only caveat: in the case of floor use, it will be necessary to assemble and screw the legs with wheels to the panel. All accessories, including fasteners, are already included in the delivery. Before use, we recommend that you carefully study the instructions, which are also attached to the heater.

      Where to buy

      Buy infrared heater TeploV NT700 can be in any convenient way: via the shopping cart site, by phone or in person, Pickup, visit our company office in the city. More detailed information with addresses is given in the "Where to Buy" section of the site. The price of the device is fixed: it is the same in the online store and in retail representative offices.

      If you have any difficulties in the selection process or require additional expert advice, call us or send an online request.