Infrared ceiling heaters (panels)

Infrared ceiling heaters (panels).

After difficult working day, especially in cold season, there is a strong wish to return to a warm and cozy house, to relax and hide from bad weather. Unfortunately, instead of earned rest we often receive cold apartment or a house, where classical convective system are outdated, dirty and to be dismantled.

Also with cold it’s often necessary to put up with people, who live on the ground floors of high-rise buildings, because hot water giving on pipes upstairs and reaching the ground floor it gets cold and haven’t time to heat the flat. If you faced with similar unpleasant moments and you want to feel himself in safety and warmth in native house, it will be useful for you to know about new ways of heating, which will help you not only heat the premise, but to save electrical energy.

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The usage of infrared ceiling heaters.

There are different methods of heating, which can be useful as for living premises, so for industrial. However, in the last time became popular heaters on the base of infrared heating. First of all, they are universal, because used as for heating of warehouses,industrial zones, street territories, heating of greenhouses so for heating of residential houses. Certainly, for each of named better fit the definite source of infrared radiation, which will differ by a capacity, construction, assignment, design and possibilities of using. In this article we more detailed examine just the infrared ceiling heaters as an excellent way of heating the rooms for creations of comfort and coziness in your house.

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The principle of work the IR ceiling panels.

Infrared ceiling heaters remove the problems, appearing at using of convective systems, oil radiators and other ways. First of all, it’s air separation, which by the laws of physics happen in such a way, that hot air rises up, and cold stayed in lower layer. This brings to long and almost useless work of heating system, and also to slow heating of the room and subjects in it. The infrared ceiling heaters have radically another method of heating. Infrared rays as sunny, first of all, heats subjects, which are able to absorb and then transfer warmth.  

In such a way, we can easily escape the unnecessary circulation of hot air at the ceiling and direct rays there where it’s necessary more. The second disadvantage, which is also easily solved, it’s constantly heat losses from not enough heated walls and slits. The infrared ceiling heatingdoesn’t create hot air masses, which can easily fly out and get cold. It worth to pay attention on efficiency coefficient of such heaters, which achieves 98%, that means almost 100% productivity at using electrical energy. Time of creation necessary temperature from the moment of including also is positive characteristic of infrared ceiling heaters, because it takes only a few minutes.

For comfort using we recommend you responsible approach to the choice of infrared ceiling heating.  

Certainly, for apartment or house best of all approaches just IR ceiling heater, which has corresponding capacity from 600 to 1300 Wt and stylish design, that is important for living premises. More often in a life as the radiation element the longwave IR ceiling heaters are used. 

If You look about the source of heat for heating of industrial zones, it’s worth to pay attention to infrared industrial heater.

With us, as a manufacture of infrared ceiling heaters Teplov, You always can make a right choice!