long-wave infrared heaters

Long-wave infrared heaters.

Nowadays it is imposiible not to think about economy. This is due to many factors, including constant rise in prices for such daily necessary resources such as water, gas, electricity. Most often we think about the minimizing the expenses in our homes in anticipation of cold weather, since most of the homes are equipped with convection systems, which significantly increases the amount of money to pay for heating your home. It has been established long time ago that neither convection nor air systems are optimal for the room heating, as their principle of work causes air heating, which reduces the efficiency of work to minimum.

принцип работы конвективного отопления

The principle of convective and air heating

Now more and more often we can see that the mentioned above heating systemsgoto the past and practical people replace them by infrared heating. It is really reasonable since the nature of infrared radiation is absolutely safe for people and can significantly reduce heat losses and thus energy losses to heat your house and other premises. More recently popular were Not long time ago the medium-wave infrared heaters were rather popular, but they were replaced by new, more efficient and cost-effective long-wave infrared heaters.

диапазон инфракрасного излучения и его виду

If we are talking about a physical component, the long-wave infrared heaters differ from the others in that, that their emission range can vary from 4 to 1000 microns, while the medium-wave havethe wavelength from 1.5 to 4 microns and shortwave infrared radiation is from 0.75 to 1.5 microns. Thus, it can be concluded that, firstly, the infrared radiation is not included in the spectrum of the rays that is visible to the human eye, and secondly, the thermal waves that emanate from the people are in the spectrum of long-wave infrared radiation. There have been certain studies that have shown that long-wave infrared heaters have the most positive effect on a person than any other heating system. That is why at the end of the twentieth century in the so-called thermal cabins, the best clinics in the world began to use long-wave infrared radiation, which helps get rid of colds and is also suitable for the treatment of cellulite, improving the work of stomach, can help to lose weight etc.

It is necessary to highlight the question of the effectiveness of long-wave infrared heaters for heating of the premises. Undoubtedly, the nature of the IR radiation is similar to the radiation of the sun, that is why you will have your own little “sun” in your room, that will heat the surfaces of the objects and the floor, not the air. This heating method prevents large amounts of energy expenses, quickly comes into operation and , which is very important, can help to significantly save up some money. These features of long-wave infrared heaters will let enjoy the warmth and comfort in your home you a few minutes after starting the program. 

принцип работы инфракрасного отопления

Principle of infrared long-wave heating

Of course, there are different types of the infrared heaters and they very due to their capacity. Your choice must be based on the height of the ceiling, area of the room and its purposes of use.

We can help you to choose the long-wave infrared heaters for heating the house with a height from 2.5 to 3 m, heating greenhouses and for heating industrial zones, where the heating system will be more powerful. Also it is necessary to take care of the thermostats, which are a must-have element when installing infrared heating system and compliance of the safety rules when working with electricity.