K.G.Stetsenko Memorial Museum has adopted economic electric heating.

Heating of the museum.

For many years we have been engaged in heating of various facilities throughout Ukraine. Having several lines of Teplov infrared heaters, which have different purposes, we allow you to create a unique heating system taking into account all the features of the room. We have been entrusted with taking care of heating of museums, hospitals, kindergartens, schools, cinemas, large production departments and workrooms. Our specialists approach the question of heating of each object with full responsibility, and now the customers who have contacted us can enjoy a safe and modern infrared heating system. Heating of the museum - as one of the possible options for the use of infrared heaters - should be based on an understanding of the value of each item kept there. It is not enough to place a few simple heaters because they will be heating the air unevenly, without a well-defined temperature, which may adversely affect the integrity of the exhibition.

отопление музея потолочными панелями отопление музеев инфракрасными панелями

Heating of the museum by means of Teplov electric infrared heaters will help to provide such a temperature that is optimal for the majority of the items of the exhibition. If some particular exhibits require special storage conditions, the infrared heating system is able to provide a zonal heating consisting of several heaters whose level of heat can be controlled separately. When choosing a system that will provide heating of the museum, it is crucial to keep in mind that heaters shouldn't burn the air or reduce the air humidity, the level of which is important for exhibits. With the use of Teplov IR heaters, the exhibition will not be affected by such factors. Nor should you worry about the effect of infrared rays on canvas, sculptures, and historical reconstructions because the IR rays, even by direct contact, do not cause any chemical reaction, and therefore can't lead to paint fading and cracking.

We realize that heating of the museum is a delicate process, and from our part, we can guarantee an individual approach and conducting special thermal calculations in order to create an effective and easy-to-control infrared heating system. Each client will be happy to enjoy the unique works of art in a warm pleasant atmosphere because Teplov infrared heaters are a source of soft natural heat, which is always under your control.

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