Local heating, zone heating

Local heating, zone heating

In order to achieve high efficiency when using IR heating, it is necessary to decide whether you want to use it as the main heating system, or if you need only local heating (zone heating) of individual sections. If there is a need to work on the second option, then infrared heating will cope with the task as well as possible due to several features. First of all, it is quick and easy to install in any, even hard-to-reach point in the room. Thanks to the thin and light body, as well as simple fastenings, Teplov heaters are mounted directly above the zone, which needs local heating. Thus, zone heating becomes as efficient as possible, which no other heating system can provide. The use of infrared heaters for these purposes will allow you to create different temperature conditions in the same room, to use the heating system only in those areas where there is currently an active activity.

In order to correctly establish the thermal regime, we carry out a number of calculations for each object individually and find out which heaters and in what quantity will be needed for maximum effect at minimum cost. This allows you to clearly establish the estimated costs of electricity and the resulting result. Thus, a person does not buy a "pig in a poke", but clearly knows what he will get in the future when using an infrared system of local heating (zone heating).

We can give an example: the management of LLC Coral in the city of Dovbysh contacted our regional representative in the Rivne region, Megalit, with the task of heating a production building with an area of 800 sq.m. Zone heating was required only on the site where the conveyor and workplaces of people were located, which amounted to 66 square meters. The ceiling height was 8 meters, and the required temperature during local heating was not less than +18 degrees.

After carrying out the heat calculation, it was found that 7 pieces of industrial ceiling infrared heaters Teplov P3000, as well as temperature regulators to control the system, would be required. After fixing the equipment on the ceiling with simple fasteners, the conveyor warming up temperature was +21 degrees, and the total temperature in the workshop did not fall below +18 С.

Точечный, локальный обогрев необходимой зоныТочечное, локальное отопление необходимой зоны