Heating of a summer terrace is possible via:

  • - Oil heaters. Is installed as close to the client as possible, takes up much space, cause much discomfort
  • - Fan heater. A lot of expenses on electricity, noise, circulation of dust right where people are eating and relaxing
  • - Infrared heater. Does not take up much space, effectively heats the needed area. Comfortable warmth at the open terraces

Infrared heaters

  • - Electric. There are long-wave, medium-wave and short-wave heaters. Depending on the purpose, all the three types can be used. Can be installed on the ceiling and the walls.
  • - Gas. Short-wave kind of the IR heaters, are installed at the terrace, produce light a little

Heating of a summer terrace of a cafe, restaurant

Heating of a summer terrace of a cafe, restaurant

During the summer there is nothing better than meeting friends at a summer terrace at the café or restaurant to drink a cool cocktail, discuss the upcoming or past holidays, share your good mood and just have fun. Also summer is a popular time for weddings, which are often held during this time of year because people want to be sure that the weather will be good, they will be able to take beautiful photos at the beautiful places and they will enjoy the party at the fresh air. Each cafe or restaurant, if they have the opportunity, try to arrange a summer terrace where guests can relax after the evening walk, enjoy the coolness of the evening or to hide in the shade from the scorching sun. Very often the owners put the water sprays all around the tents or terraces, if they do not want their visitors to feel hot. However, sometimes, the summer weather starts acting up and cloudy days or evenings with cold wind come, so it is necessary to provide the heating of a summer terrace, since usually it is the territory that is absolutely not equipped with any heating system, connected to the main premises of the cafe or restaurant. . There are also examples when the summer terraces, with the right arrangement, can work in colder times of the year, for example, from early spring to mid-autumn. In this case, an autonomous heating system is even more necessary to ensure that the guests feel comfortable in any weather.

Variants of heating of a summer terrace

при отоплении летних площадок стоит внимательно отнестись к выбору обогревателя

Heating of a summer terrace with the ceiling IR panels

Owners should choose a method of heating summer terraces of cafes and restaurants so that the heating will be as efficient and cost-effective as possible at the lowest price for installation and maintenance of work of such autonomous heating system. You can find a lot of suggestions about buying heaters, which do not require any pipe system, gas or any other working environment. Other important criteria for the heater are its mobility, ease of installation, time it needs to start working etc. If we do not take into account alternative forms of heating, the best option is selecting that heating system when the devices are powered by electricity.

However, for heating summer terraces such kinds of electric heaters as the oil breakers, electric curtains, fan heaters or heat guns are not suitable because, due to its principles of work, they are more effective in closed rooms, or even in industrial areas.

Heating of the cafes or restaurants with the infrared heaters

обогрев летних площадок панелями Теплов

Heating of a terrace in restaurant “Shkvarochka”, Rovno

Thus, the most popular and best option is heating summer terraces of cafes and restaurants with the help of long-wave infrared heaters, which are also powered by electricity, but have the highest coefficient of efficiency(98%) compared to all other heating systems. Infrared heaters Teplov have been making happy the owners of many cafes and restaurants in different cities of Ukraine because of their effectiveness and efficiency.

Our experts will help organize the work of the infrared heating system of cafes and restaurants with professional calculations that take into account and the heating area, and the possible heat loss, and the specific purpose of use of infrared heaters in each case. This is due to the fact that the infrared heating system can not only heat the area during the cold season, but also does not let a summer terrace cool at night. This helps get rid of the deformation of accessories, freezing of the live plants (if any) on the terrace.

Another advantage is that infrared heaters are best suited for targeted heating of a particular area since they are very easy in installation on any needed zone and start working almost right after switching on. The ability to heat the objects , not the air, helps to avoid excessive energy consumption because of the constant ventilation of the area.

In order to know more benefits of infrared heaters, we suggest you to make sure that the infrared heating is the most optimal solution for heating summer terraces cafes and restaurants.