Alternative heating can be done with

  • Solid fuel boiler
  • Heat pump
  • solar collector
  • Infrared heaters

Disadvantages of alternative heating systems

  • Solid fuel boiler - the high cost of strapping, control systems and automation. Construction of a boiler house, furnace, residue control and fuel supply.
  • Heat pump - expensive equipment and installation complexity
  • Solar collector - suitable for southern solar areas.
  • Infrared ceiling heater - works only for heating and does not heat water

Alternative heating apartments


Alternative heating apartments


Alternative heating of the apartment is now becoming an increasingly real and affordable way to keep the house warm, make it comfortable and cozy for your loved ones. Alternative sources of heat and energy are gaining popularity, as prices are constantly rising, and heating efficiency is not increasing. Old central heating systems have not fully performed their functions for a long time and lead to large energy costs. Standard types of autonomous heating, such as oil heaters, electric convectors, fan heaters, convective systems, burn out indoor air very much, some emit unpleasant noises or are not effective enough to satisfy needs. It is possible for various reasons to switch to alternative heating, however, all of them will characterize such an important step only on the positive side.

First of all, for those who care about health, alternative heating will become an assistant in the individual debugging of the indoor microclimate, it will not burn air, emit combustion products and will help maintain normal humidity at any time of the year.

For those who are concerned about the state of the environment, nature on our planet, alternative heating will allow you to personally use the least dangerous and polluting sources of heating the house.

In a fairly short time of technological progress, there are a sufficient number of such possible options for environmentally friendly heating. It is worth considering the 4 most affordable and proven options, such as a biofuel boiler, heat pumps, solar collectors, as well as infrared heating.


Biofuel boilers


принципиальная схема твердотопливного котла


Biofuel boilers are an excellent replacement for a gas boiler. They work on wood pellets, wood chips, granular peat and straw pellets. However, today it is a rather expensive way of heating, although it is quite effective and safe in all respects. The boiler itself has a low cost. The consumer bears much higher costs for boiler piping, regulating automation and other associated costs. Often, such a boiler requires the construction of a separate boiler room, as well as a room for storing fuel.


Heat pumps


принципиальная схема отопления дома тепловым насосом


The second type - geothermal heat pumps - use renewable resources during operation, such as land and water energy. Depending on the modification, they can be "air-to-air", "air-to-water", "air-to-ground" and others. In the summer, such a system also works as an air conditioner, closing the question of creating a microclimate for the entire season. This ecological type of alternative heating has one significant minus - the installation is still quite expensive and is mainly suitable for private houses with constant power supply.


Solar collectors


принципиальная схема отопления дома солнечным коллектором


Solar collectors are special panels designed to accumulate solar energy, with its subsequent conversion to heat the water in the tank, which can then be supplied to heat the house, household needs and more. The installation of solar collectors is carried out on the roof and will be most effective in the southern regions. On less sunny days, the same electric heaters as in water heaters are used to heat the water in the tank.


Infrared electric heating


принципиальная схема отопления дома инфракрасными потолочными обогревателями


Infrared heating is the most universal and proven way of alternative heating of apartments and private houses today. Infrared ceiling heaters emit heat that falls within the range of waves emitted by humans. Thus, infrared rays are safe and even beneficial to the human body.

The way of work is not to warm the air in the room, but to directly transfer heat to all surfaces. Due to this, energy costs are reduced by 90%, which saves electricity and does not use gas and water heating systems at all.

This type of alternative heating of apartments can be afforded by people with different incomes, since the installation of infrared heaters does not require special preparation and a lot of time.

Thus, alternative heating of apartments today will best be provided precisely with the help of infrared long-wave heaters installed in different areas of your home.