Warehouse heating by electricity, 2750 m2, Kharkov

Heating a warehouse with an area of 2750 m2, Kharkov

During the reconstruction, repair and heating of a warehouse with a total area of 2750 m2 in Kharkov, the problem of autonomous heating arose. Two proposals were put forward: solid fuel boilers and infrared heaters. Given the pros and cons, the choice was made in favor of infrared heaters.

Hidden nuances when compared boilers / TeploV
  Solid fuel boilers Infrared heaters
license Yes No
Project Yes No
Separate service room Yes No
Additional staff Yes No
Fuel room Yes No

Installation of infrared heaters for heating the warehouse takes several days, while the installation of solid fuel boilers could be delayed for several months, without taking into account the design and authorization documentation.

The cost-effectiveness, productivity and cost of infrared heating compared to a solid fuel boiler played a decisive role in the final decision.

Efficiency and Quality

The model of the infrared heater TeploV P4000 was used for heating in a warehouse in Kharkov. It is specially designed for heating industrial premises with a heater suspension height of up to 20 m. Recommended at low temperatures (up to -26) in the absence of basic heating:

  • for heating large industrial facilities (factories, factories, warehouses, hangars)
  • for heating stations and airports
  • sports and concert halls, pools
  • shopping and entertainment centers.

Heaters can be fixed to the ceiling, as well as to fixtures for lighting and on individual brackets or cables.

With basic heating, one heater of this model is enough for an area of 40 m2. As additional for 80 m2.

Электрические ИК обогреватели для отопления склада Отопление склада инфракрасными обогревателями Промышленное отопление для складских помещений

European quality at an affordable price

Infrared heaters of the TEPLOV company have the European certificate of conformity and are presented not only in the Ukrainian market, but also in the countries of Europe and the Baltic States.

Warranty period of operation is 10 years, with a mortgaged resource - 25 years. The quality achieved by more than 15 years of experience is confirmed by consumers. Our company is a leader in sales not only of the domestic, but also of the European market of autonomous heating systems.

On our website teplov.com.ua online or by phone +380 57 7558551, You can get a consultation, fill out an application and buy a ceiling heater. We will provide delivery, if necessary - installation or recommend reliable partners.

You can evaluate high-quality independent heating only by having it. The TEPLOV company and new generation infrared heaters will help in this.