Solid fuel boiler or ceiling infrared heaters?

Solid fuel boilers.

Burning of firewoods or coal is the oldest way of heating, especially in a country side. Modern solid fuel boilers, regardless the improvement of the construction, as before can use in the quality of fuel these materials, and also the pallets. The last one is relatively new kind of solid fuel, represents pressed wastes from the woodworking and agricultural industries, and also dried peat. Unconditional, every kind provides different level of efficiency, and also determine kind of boiler. As for example, solid fuel boiler pyrolysis in the main, work at the burning of gas, which is allocated at the temperature processing of the firewoods. Pyrolysis burning foresees high pressure and lack of oxygen – such conditions bring to breaking-up of the firewoods and allocation of wood gas. Due to more difficult process of burning solid fuel boilers pyrolysis are considered one of the most economical. Also there are classical and special pellet boilers with the automatic feeding of granules – is rather convinient because it isn’t necessary to watch and do the refills during the day, and biofuel (pellets) detach minimum wastes at the time of burning. For today the solid fuel boilers of long-term burning are used with a special popularity. The method of burning which is foresaw in such boilers have been first worked out 14 years ago by Lithuanian company Stropuva. The fuel in this equipment are wasted slower at the cost of upper burning, that means economy – that makes solid fuel boilers of such type are especially profitable for constant usage in the heating of private houses. Solid fuel boilers of the long-term burning allocate at the time of burning less harmful smoke and a little soot at the filling with the peat, coal or wood. Despite the different variants of boilers, solid fuel heating all one save it’s main minuses – it’s necessary always to be very attentive, because the process of burning is not save on 100%; grime, even in different portion but fall on the walls of equipment and means, that periodically cleanings are not avoid, otherwise considerably decrease the effectiveness of heating. Solid fuel boilers are not correspond to the universal method of heating.

If for private house or other separate small buildings they match, but to imagine the heating with firewoods in office, flat or trade centre it’s very difficult and even comically. However there is an alternative.

Long-waves infrared heaters. 

Radiant infrared heating has a big number of peculiarities which at the same time are its advantages before other kinds of heating. Infrared heaters in difference from solid fuel boilers don’t require the separate specialized space or premise, because they are fixed directly to the ceiling or free walls and in such way  don’t occupy the effective area. Infrared heaters also are absolutely autonomous – this supposes the minimal dependence of the system during the work from the human interference, indeed the temperature and working regime are set once, and then installed thermoregulators helps precisely to control the heating of the premise and reacts on the decreasing of the temperature in the room. In the difference from solid fuel boilers, ceiling infrared heaters or wall's allow to save on the heating of the already warming premises, because sensors turned off the system at the achievement of necessary temperature, that is can not be noted as the pluses of solid fuel boilers – high level of the lag effect of system (long period of heating and preparation to effective work) requires the constant supporting of the heating process. Infrared heaters are mobile that means if you want to heat, for example, rented premise and don’t want to leave to the owner the buying system of heating you can it easy to demount and to connect in any other place. IR ceiling heaters are presented the equipment of direct cycle of heating, that means direct heating of subjects and surfaces in the room, which will radiate the heat in the air. In a such way, everything that use human will be heat that means he could feel himself comfortable without the increasing of the temperature of air in premise. Such method of heating – is a guaranty of the economy even in the bad heated premise with a great heatloss, because “walking” air will not so quick to take the heat away the room, because it will save the subjects of furniture, décor and others.

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The solid fuel boilers are not so easy to service as the infrared heating. Their real usage is convenient only where it’s difficult to find access to electric grid, and also there is a possibility to provide with firewoods, coal or pellets. It is worth to consider that similar fuel requires especial conditions for saving and no account mustn’t dampen and have the humidity more 20 %. Modern and compact infrared heaters, absolutely convenient and economically, set to premises of different direction and will become safe source of heat in any conditions.