Chicken coop heating

Chicken coop heating

When solving the problem of heating in any room, whether it is industrial warehouses, factories, farms, sports complexes or residential buildings, we always strive to provide ourselves with the most reliable, convenient and economical heating system that will satisfy all our needs and be as suitable as possible for the price / quality. The technical characteristics of any heating systems should also not be ignored when choosing both the type and source of heating. The result will always depend on the purpose of the room in which the heating will be carried out.

If you are looking for a profitable and efficient way of heating chicken coops, then this article is for you. Today, there are different ways of heating any agricultural buildings, and chicken coops are no exception. Farmers tested both convective gas heating and air heating, but the last word in technology was infrared heating of chicken coops. This technology is carried out using different types of infrared heaters.

отопление курятника инфракрасными панелями

Heated chicken coop with long-wave infrared panels.

In order to ensure a good growth trend for chickens and obtain the maximum possible number of eggs, it is necessary to properly organize the microclimate in the chicken coop, observing all the necessary conditions for the life of the chickens. After a series of observations, it was found that birds lose most of their heat at temperature differences, temperature deviations from the optimum, which leads to a decrease in productivity by at least 15-30% and an increase in feed intake by 25-50%. This negatively affects the livelihoods of chickens, and also prevents the chickens from developing fully.

It was proved that the temperature of heating in chicken coops, its stability and the coincidence of indicators along the entire perimeter is very important and requires a special approach.

отопление курятника инфракрасными панелямиToday, such a special approach can be provided only by infrared heating of the chicken coops, since only infrared heaters can very accurately and quickly regulate the temperature, and heating can be done differently in different areas of the chicken coop, because at each stage of growth, chickens need a special approach . The convenience in using infrared heating is primarily ensured by the unique technology of the influence of infrared rays on the environment. Unlike other heating systems, infrared heaters act directly on solid surfaces in the room, giving them heat, which over time heats the air. This technology of work is fundamentally important in chicken coops, because birds are almost always on the ground, and for them the presence of a cold floor can become a stress factor. IR rays have a positive effect on the health and growth of birds, and heaters do not take up precious space because they are mounted on the ceiling.

In addition to efficiency and comfort in use, infrared heating of chicken coops has its advantages in economic terms. There is a reduction in heating costs by 1-3 times in comparison with other heating systems, which is accompanied primarily by a decrease in energy consumption. The area of ​​disclosure of infrared rays will depend on the height of the suspension devices. Moreover, it should be noted that the greater the distance from the ceiling to the floor, the better, since the scattering angle of infrared radiation increases and at the same time does not lose its heating ability.

Taking into account all of the above, we can conclude that infrared heating of the poultry farm will be the most optimal way of heating, in order to achieve a stable microclimate in any necessary zone.

Our company has been specializing in infrared heating technology for many years and will gladly provide you with the opportunity to enjoy all the benefits of infrared heating for farms and other necessary premises.