IR heating workshop

IR heating workshop

The first variant of the workshop heating is implemented by industrial infrared heaters of the long-wave or medium-wave type. In the case of using medium-wave IR heaters, one should not forget that they have a high infrared flux intensity. The installation of this type of heaters should be strictly according to the recommendations of the manufacturer's plant, in order to exclude personnel overheating.

This option involves the installation of infrared heaters on the ceiling, the maximum suspension height of such heaters can reach 20 meters. In some cases, the installation of heaters can be performed on the walls, at an angle covering the maximum floor area under the heater. For the effective operation of IR heating installed on the walls, the calculation angle should also be carried out by the manufacturer. Heaters should be installed primarily in places of greatest heat loss - the walls bordering the street.

отопление цеха электрическтвом

Heating of the Iberus-Kiev workshop

It is worth noting that the most effective way of IR heating of the workshop is still to be installed on the ceiling, because allows you to more evenly cover the entire area of the room, to achieve the intersection of infrared rays, which in turn increases the efficiency of heating objects.

Of course, this method of heating the workshop is not the cheapest, because in addition to the equipment, it is also necessary to install it, which in turn can reach up to 50% of the cost of infrared heaters. But this can be saved. Each enterprise has its own electricians and it is enough to order a service from the manufacturer’s factory such as “installation supervision”, which includes a workshop heating project, a detailed description of the place for installing the heaters, the necessary additional automation and related consumables. It costs significantly less than a turnkey installation by a third-party organization, and the equipment warranty remains.

If there is no need for complete heating of the workshop, you can consider a cheaper option. In this case, the customer allocates for himself the necessary local working areas, which are actually heated. For effective heating of the selected area of the workshop, it is more correct to use several low-power infrared heaters aimed at one point from different sides. This type of installation allows you to heat a stand-alone machine, workplace, etc..

локальное отопление рабочей зоны

Heaters for local heating of the workshop must meet at least the following criteria:

  1. Quick exit to an operating mode
  2. Highly focused infrared

The listed criteria for local heating correspond to infrared medium-wave heaters. We offer you to pay attention to the U1500 heater, which includes swivel mounts that allow you to direct infrared rays at the desired angle.

Heating the workshop with infrared heaters TM Teplov will minimize your costs during the heating period, which will positively affect the cost of production.

Our experts will help you choose the necessary models of infrared heaters, and if necessary, we will provide you with a turnkey heating system.

You can also get acquainted with the full range of services of our company for industrial heating of industrial premises.