Heating workshop, warehouse, hangar

Heating workshop, warehouse, hangar

отопление производственного помещения

TM Teplov infrared heaters are successfully used in many areas for heating a wide variety of rooms. The high efficiency of infrared heating systems is recognized, first of all, at such specific objects as a workshop, warehouse, hangar. More than once, we heard complaints from our customers that it is very difficult to maintain such facilities in a constant temperature mode, comfortable for workers and equipment, because heat losses are huge and costs are even greater. However, after the installation of infrared heating systems, selected unique for each object, the management of the plant, factory, enterprise forgot about these problems.

We want to give you some striking examples of how you can use infrared electric heaters for heating a workshop, warehouse, hangar.

Heating NPP "EOS": Our first work at this enterprise was the heating of the workshop (285 sq. M.) With ceilings - 8 meters. The features of this room were that all the walls are external, which means that they are in direct contact with the cold temperature outside, also glazing, which was about 10% of the total area, and a moving crane beam, which had to be taken into account when installing the system. The thermal calculation showed that for heating the workshop at a level of 16-18 degrees, it is necessary to raise the heat output of the heaters to 40 kW. It was decided to divide it between twenty infrared heaters Teplov P2000. Installation of the system was quick, heaters mounted on brackets were installed along the outer walls.

After the excellent results of the work of the IR heating system of the workshop, the management of NPP “EOS” decided to heat the warehouse in the same way. The warehouse was heated in the same way, but we were faced with a different task - to heat this room to 15 degrees. The necessary thermal power (18 kW) was provided by 9 Heaters P2000, installed similarly with the removal of the brackets, but at a certain angle. This made it possible to increase the coverage of the area for heating. Without stopping at what has been achieved, we received another order from NPP EOS for heating other premises (workers and servicing) of the enterprise.

After interviewing employees about how they work under infrared rays, we heard a lot of pleasant feedback, and the workshop employees could not get enough of it that now they can freely work in shirts even in the most severe frosts!

Heating the workshop, warehouse, hangar is a crucial issue. That is why we sometimes have to compete with other types of heating. In the case of NPP "EOS", before the heating of the first object there was a choice between infrared heaters and solid fuel heating. Calculations showed that the cost of building a boiler room and distributing pipe fittings throughout the production will be several times greater than the equipment of the IR system. A decision was made in our favor, which management has never regretted..

отопление производства УкрлэндAnother example is heating produced by LLC NPP Ukrland. In this case, we worked on the heating of the workshop. It was required to establish a constant temperature regime - + 16C. The calculations were carried out taking into account the following parameters: room height - 8 m, area - 283 square meters. m. As in the first case, the use of 20 Teplov P2000 heaters, which provided 40 kW of thermal power, turned out to be optimal.

The category “heating of the workshop, warehouse, hangar” also includes the following facility, where we carried out the installation and debugging of the infrared heating system. The heating of the Navy JV workshop spread over 453 sq. m (ceilings = 6 meters). The required temperature (+18 degrees) is supported by 20 of our P2000 infrared electric heaters, which heat up all work surfaces in the workshop. Thus, we can conclude that heating the workshop, warehouse, hangar with the help of IR heaters is very profitable and efficient.