Heating wedding salon "Empire"

Heating wedding salon "Empire"

TM Teplov infrared heaters have been used for many years at many industrial facilities of various sizes. However, this is not the only direction where IR heating can be used economically and with pleasure. Of course, the amount of industrial heating performed is striking, but you can also familiarize yourself with projects to create the optimal infrared heating system in everyday life. For example, the installation of infrared equipment for heating apartments and houses, heating stores, cafes and restaurants, salons, supermarkets, and much more is gaining popularity..

The efficiency and economy of infrared heaters in everyday life can be demonstrated on our completed project for the economical heating of the Imperia wedding store. In the photographs, with the naked eye you can immediately notice that infrared equipment does not spoil the interior at all, no matter how sophisticated it is. Now let's turn to the technical side of the issue. The total area that we took into account when calculating the heat for this room is 70 square meters, and the height of the arches is 3.2 meters. For a comfortable stay of a person in the room, it is necessary to maintain a temperature of 20 degrees on average. This is precisely the task that confronted us.

In order that the daytime the electric heating of the Empire store reaches a temperature of 20 degrees, and at night - 12 degrees, not allowing the cabin to cool down too much, we installed 4 Teplov B1350 Heaters, which belong to the line of household heaters and effectively cope with the task. To control the heating of the Imperia wedding salon, one thermoregulator was also required, which would independently set the programmed mode of operation of the heating equipment.

Thanks to the installation of infrared panels, the owners of the salon managed to save significantly during the first winter - for a month the heating costs of the store amounted to 1000 UAH and this despite the fact that there were frosts and the temperature dropped to -20 degrees on average! To better understand what this figure is talking about, some calculations need to be done..

The resulting UAH 1,000 is divided by the cost of electricity - UAH 0.8 per kW. Thus, 1000 / 0.8 = 1250 kW - we get a figure that shows the amount of consumed electricity per month for heating the Imperia wedding salon. Next, we find out the power of the heaters installed in the cabin - 1.3 * 4 = 5.2 kW. The duration of the heating system per day is only 30 percent, which can be proved by such calculations - 1250 / 5.2 / 30 = 8 hours. Now we can make the following conclusion - the four Heater heaters installed in the cabin together with other appliances consume no more than 40 kW per day. You can get acquainted with the object at the address: Mariupol, str.Grecheskaya, 34A.

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