Large space heating systems

Large space heating.

Large space heating is of current importance to the industrial and consumer sectors. In Ukraine, where weather conditions can really affect the thermal conditions of any building, an efficient heating system is a necessity to maintain a correct and comfortable temperature in large-sized objects. Central large space heating systems, if they are provided in layout design, are often not equal to the task. Our customers have more than once pointed out that central heating on a high load operation is not enough to heat, for example, a workshop, a hangar or some warehouse. That is why the search for alternatives has started since not all methods of heating large areas are versatile and equally effective. Heating systems for private buildings, commercial and industrial sector buildings should be selected based on the nature of their use, as well as their direct characteristics and the required result. Most often, powerful and autonomous systems are required in order to provide heating of industrial premises. In this case, the heating equipment can serve not only to create a general micro-climate but also for the warm-up of separate elements and areas - the pipeline systems, equipment, etc. In most cases, the owners choose between classic air heating and innovative direct heating technologies.

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Fan heaters are often used for large space air heating.

Large space air heating is represented by water fan heaters, which, according to developers, are designed to work in hangars, shops, large offices, warehouses or supermarkets. Such equipment has a water coolant, through which passes the cold suction air drawn by a fan heater. The heated air is ejected into the room to give off heat to objects and other surfaces. Such large space heating systems can be combined with ventilation and air conditioning system, but if you do not want to lose out on the heating power, in the case of the industrial buildings it is better not to combine similar functions into a single scheme. Large space air heating can be effective if you do not exceed the ceiling height of 3.5 meters because the initial air heating involves high costs, which are especially noticeable in industrial buildings due to poor heat insulation. We also advise you not to use such methods for large space heating, if the routine of work involves frequent opening of the gates and access platforms or mandatory intensive airing. In this case, the air heating system is simply incompatible with the working conditions.

In order to achieve real results in large space heating while maintaining the highest possible efficiency, it is necessary to change the approach to the system of choice and therefore consider different from classic heating methods. The infrared heating system has a completely different principle of operation and allows for a new approach to the arrangement of the system, which will provide large space heating. Most often, people consider options for using the infrared film or infrared ceiling heaters for large rooms. In the first case, the heating system will be quite specific, for there are places where the film can't be laid, besides, it will be insufficient to heat the entire room. Therefore, we recommend the infrared film for spot heating of, for example, uneven surfaces, since the film thickness allows to cover with it the places inaccessible to installing of other equipment.

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Electric infrared heaters are often used for large space heating.

In order to create a full and autonomous energy-saving main heating system, we recommend using infrared heaters for large rooms, which are presented in the industrial line of TM Teplov. The power of this equipment is designed for use in supermarkets, gyms and in all kinds of industrial facilities. But how does direct (infrared) heating system differ from the air heating system? First of all, it's the process of thermal transmission into the room. Infrared heaters installed in the specific locations, cover a maximum of planes in the room and directly transmit the heat through wave radiation. In other words, the air in the heating process is brought into play only during the secondary heating, when the heated objects per se begin to give off heat. Large space infrared heaters can be automatically switched off after reaching the required temperature, and continue heating only when the sensor registers temperature reduction process. The start-up time of the system takes a few minutes and does not require high consumption of resources, which provides additional system efficiency. Heating of large industrial buildings using infrared heaters will also be safe because the products of TM Teplov are certified not only in the Ukrainian but also in the European market to meet the standards of fire and environmental safety.