Infrared heating of the pump station

Heating of the pump station.

At nowadays pump stations (automatic systems of water application) is widely used at the industrial enterprises and communal services, also for satisfaction of household requirements of population. All kinds of pump stations we classified in certain way: industrial (used at the systems of sewerage, heating, fire-fighting, supply the population with the fresh water, pumping of the channels and so on) and household (for water supply of the cottage, private house, farming, watering of greenhouses and vegetable gardens, irrigation of land parcels). Heating of pump station depends on place of installation of equipments, his working regime and operational tasks. In any case heating of pump station is necessary, because negative temperatures are harmful for system. In winter time pipes can freeze, that will bring to the emergency or to the functional loss of the components of the station, because temperature regime of water in pipes are not so high for influence on the outside surface. In order to avoid this, it’s necessary to provide constant thermal regime also as thermal isolation of the room, where there are the equipment of station.

For heating of the pump station are used the water or electrical heating (convectors, heat guns, oil radiators, infrared heaters). For choosing most economical variant of heating it’s necessary to consider all conditions of  operating of the pump station: the length of laying route of the pipe-line, situation of the pipes according to land surface, height of the ceiling and size of the premise where pump, accumulator and pressure sensor are situated.

 Ways of heating of the pump station. 

Heating of the pump station, which is situated in a private house or cottage, is differ from the heating of the industrial establishment or communal service. In a private house it’s possible to use the heating system aimed on heating of premise of small area. The pump station should always stay in the heated premise, and main line of the pipe from the source of water to the house it’s necessary to place at the such depth in the ground where the ground is not freeze. At the using of the heat gun, heat loss are considerably decreased, but this equipment are expensive, such as its work provides gas and diesel fuel. Oil radiators are the most safety heating instruments: even they burn the oxygen, are fitted by the timers which are except the overheating, easy and mobile more convenient for small premises as the electrical convectors.  At the water heating the possibility of freezing the pipe-line takes place in connection with the possible trouble of water supply.

The ideal is the heating for the pump station which is act direct at the place of joints pipe-line. Such heating of pump station and the station of the industrial establishment or communal service can provide the system of infrared heating which allows to save to 85 % of heat, almost doesn’t occupy the useful area of the premise, is convenient in the technical operation. At the heating of the pump station with the help of infrared heaters their local installation is possible above the definite places of surfaces what provide their zonal heating. Infrared heaters are the most economical such as infrared rays don’t through the glass and at the enough heat isolation of the premise loss of the heat are come to the naught. Considerable are the facts that the installation of the infrared heating system doesn’t require considerable investments also it’s easy unmount if there is a necessity to provide the heating of pump station at new premise. 

Systems of infrared heating are irreplaceable for premises with the poor heat isolation they are effectively used even at the open spaces: stadiums, auditoriums, cafes. Heating of the pump stations with the help of infrared heaters is the innovative modern decision, because the system of infrared heating is directly modify the electrical energy to the heating, the transfer of warm goes by the electromagnetic waves of infrared spectrum. The system of infrared heating heats the surfaces of the subjects to which it directed the heater, that is constantly perform the function of saving of the equipments from the damages and accidents. The infrared heating of the pump station acts independently, at its functionality doesn’t impact possible emergency shutdowns of electrical energy. 

In a such way, heating of pump station with the help of infrared heating system is the progressive modern technology, which create conditions for increasing of service life of equipments of the pump station, foresees the minimal number of spend, is simple and understandable in usage.