Economical electric heating

Electrical heating.

Nowadays there are loads of different offers from manufacturers of heating systems: you can heat the room using gas, diesel, solid fuel, a pellet stove or a modern electric heating. Each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. Gas heating is characterized by an acceptable price of energy carriers (which, however, according to the latest forecasts, may rise in price pretty soon) and a high cost of installation of the heating system. Solid fuel boilers are ideal for areas with no gas or electricity but where it is easy to stock up on firewood. However, for the wood-burning stoves or solid fuel burning stoves, as well as for the storage of wood, coal or pellets there must be equipped a special place which often supplants a useful area of the premise. Liquid fuel is rather expensive, it must be stored in a special place because it has a peculiar smell, and if it leaks, the room will be filled with the poisonous fumes. Heating with the liquid fuel is suitable for those areas where there is no gas and electricity is not powerful enough. Modern electric heating is the least energy-consuming system and it is easy to use: the installation of the system does not require a lot of money investments, equipment does not reduce the useful area of a premise and it is absolutely possible to install this electric heating system yourself because no special permission to install the system is needed. The principle of the system is similar to the natural process of heat transfer which makes it possible to create comfortable temperature conditions in the room in a short time and also it is possible to set the program on heating only the rooms you need.

There are several types of economical electric heating: the heating system that works by means of an intermediate heat carrier, or equipment that converts electrical energy into heat directly. Electric boilers, converting energy into heat with the help of tubular electric heaters, operates mainly through heating the water in the tubes and it is equipped with a temperature controller, which controls the consumption of electric energy, based on your personal needs for heat. Electric heaters (infrared heaters, floor and wall heaters, floor heating systems) are equipped with the devices that provide conversion into a cost-effective mode that helps reduce expenses on energy.

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Infrared heating is especially popular among the consumers as the most innovative, efficient and universal method of home heating. These devices have been created according to the principle of heat transfer: they heat not the air, but absolutely all the objects that are in the room and it differs these devices from all the familiar ones. So the objects create the necessary temperature balance themselves by giving out the heat they obtained. Infrared heating is unparalleled in terms of efficiency and practicality of use: it saves up to 50% of the electricity which is not possible for other heating devices. This economical electric heating creates comfortable thermal conditions, uniformly heats the room and consumes electricity economically. Nowadays ceiling infrared heaters are especially popular. Using them makes the floor of the room the most heated surface which is usually the coldest one while using other heating methods because warm air masses fly up to the ceiling. Economical electric heating via infrared rays heats the premise like a solar heat, does not burn oxygen, does not lead to the transfer of dust what usually happens when you are using a convection heating system, which undoubtedly has a positive effect on the human body.

Ceiling infrared heaters do not take up much space, they represent the structure for they are a simple construction of a heating element and a reflecting plate made of aluminum under a stylish casing. Infrared heating is sometimes constructed like this: a heat-reflecting isolation and a film heater are attached to the floor slab using the fastening element and this construction is usually closed by any kind of building decoration Thus, you cannot even see the system and it is equipped with a small-sized wall-mounted sensor of thermoregulation, which allows you to set any desired temperature. The process of return of the heat accumulated from the floor and other items that are in the room takes 90% of the heating cycle, and the process of the accumulation of heat by the system - only 10%. The better thermal insulation of the room is, the fewer times the system of the infrared heating will switch on which leads to a reduction in expenses on heating.

Electrical heating by means of infrared heaters is the most profitable and innovative way of heating modern homes as it is an autonomous source of heat, voltage drops are not critical for it and the IR rays do not cause any harm to a human body.