Heating of the office premise by electricity, Khmelnitsky

The electrical heating of the office: economy issues

The necessity to save on heating the premises – it’s the main opponent of comfort and qualitative heating. The heating of the office premise will be hardly noticed and with difficulties support 15-16 degrees of warmth, which are completely deficiency for normal office work. At the “normal” work we mean the providing of healthy situation for employees and clients, where they could to work comfortable and don’t worry about the constant undercooling possible to catch cold. Such copybook maxims are often not kept because heating of the office is not so effective or rather expensive.

The modern systems of heating at correct calculations or even combinations of several variants, are able considerably simplify life of owners and renters of office premises. The price policy as always can be strongly ranged depending on using technologies and advantages, which user of heating gets in heating process. However, if to compare qualitative modern equipment, the definite factor will be not the price. If You decided to use the hi-technology system of heating the office premise, you may fully count on such main advantages:

- accurate and full control of system – the majority of really profitable equipment works with temperature indicators and controlled with a help of automatics, intuitive understandable to any user. The infrared heaters are not exclusion, because surely installed with a special thermoregulators, which are able not only control the electrical heating of the office, but to work in several regimes (day, night and other)

- the real economy – not so many heating systems can proud of real reduction of expenses on electrical heating of the office, especially without the previous heating up of premise, changing of the old windows and doors. Right here appears the real benefit the technologies, which were used at development of equipment in combination with specialists’ skills to use them (for example, really unique for today the technology of radiant hating).

- the system safety – especial attention developers of modern heating equipment give, first of all, fire-safety and in the case with the radiant heating and safety of influence to people and environment of infrared radiation.

The autonomous heating of the office by infrared heaters

The infrared heating – is a single way of heating the office, in which layed the unique technology of direct heating of surfaces with the next transfer of warmth in air. This allows to reduce time on bringing the premise in a comfortable condition for staying here, because warmth from infrared heaters is felt after some minutes after work beginning. For receiving the comfortable situation at using of air heating it demands at least 4 times longer time. Besides the possibility of real safety on heating, the absolute plus will be separateness of system. The autonomous heating of the office allows clearly plan expenses, because regime of work the system will depends on personal settings.

For heating of the office will fit the ceiling infrared heaters Teplov ofBseries (household), which are aime don heating the office premises with the height of ceiling to 3 m. The numbers of heaters in system depends on desirable zones of local heating and from general are a of premise. For example, for receiving the full autonomous office heating, which you see on photos, required 3 infrared heaters Teplov B600.

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