The modern heating of kindergarten, Rovno

The modern heating of kindergarten: safety and economy

Time of the old boiler stations, which were often built at kindergartens, have already passed. The modern heating of kindergarten must be maximum comfortable for using, but specifically – safe for children and economical. Budgets of child’s institutes still added from the state and local, that means, it’s necessary to heating was economic.

The simplicity in installation and also at using: is maximal profitable combination of easy installation process, connection and further control of system presents the heating system of kindergarten, which doesnt demand pipes conduction, installation of the intermediate equipments (pumps and others) and huge boilers. The suitable variant for quick heating of kindergarten will be the electrical heating by heaters, which are directly installed and work in premise, where created comfortable microclimate. There is a big choice of electrical convectors, radiators of new generation, which are installed and work in room and increase temperature, blowing an air through the heated element or passive giving the warmth. The modern approach to the heating of kindergarten also it’s possible to call the installation the infrared long wave heaters, using of which long ago go beyond the industrial sector. There are models, which are specially adapt to installation and heating of household premises, including living rooms, bath room, kitchen, office and other, where daily there are people.

Safety: characteristic, which has especial meaning at choice of heating system for child institution. Many autonomous systems, consisting from classical heaters or radiators, installed in a low part of the room, on child’s growth level. Heating of kindergarten must be maximum safe from the accidental or special child’s interference, whom it’s interesting to investigate everything and to try all around. Just that’s why the ideal variant of heating of kindergarten is the installation of equipment to ceiling or directly on it. Heaters, which work with an air, are not intended for upper heating, because all warm air on it’s nature rise, corresponding it’s so got, that heating should happened down up, to step by step warmed up the room. We can propose decision of this problem: installation of infrared ceiling heaters allow to exclude access of children to the heating system of kindergarten, the principle of work the infrared equipment make possible heating top down, because infrared rays interact with different surfaces, heating them. So we provide stable warming up of all surfaces, where children can be. 

The economy: trying to cut the expenses on heating, in kindergartens often doesnt provide necessary temperature of an air in premisesfrom this many children fall ill or just stay home, because parents dont want to risk by childs health. To avoid the extremely economy, its possible to use radiant heating. As earlier noticed – infrared rays affect directly on subject and surfaces – in such way, we achieve saving of warm at more long period and reduction of expenses on 25-40% in comparison with convective systems. Also modern technologies, put in at production of infrared heaters, provide the efficiency index at level 98% - it’s the highest coefficient among the modern ways of heating. Automatic sensors of control and thermoregulators provide the stable work of system and don’t require constant control or adjustment of parameters.

The infrared system of autonomous heating of kindergarten in Rovno

The representative of TM Teplov in Rovno city, “Electrical systems “Megalit” doesn’t tiered to please us by new objects, heated with a help of infrared heaters Teplov. Confirming the effectiveness of using the technologies of infrared heating in kindergartens You can see, that heaters TM Teplov B1350 were installed on the perimeter of the rooms, where sleep, play and eat children of different ages. Such heating of kindergarten is fully safe for their health, because IR rays have the nature of solar and positively influence on organism that was proved by means of using IR technologies in medicine. At the time of installation the system were used 28 infrared heaters, which mounted on ceiling for safe and effective heating of the floor. In such a way the infrared heaters replace not only the main heating, but a system “warm floor” and also creates warm curtains between door and window openings, for avoid cold drafts.

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