Heating shop LLC NPP "EOS", Kharkov

Heating shop LLC NPP "EOS", Kharkov

One of the largest projects of infrared heating of our company’s workshop in Kharkov is the heating of the workshop of NPP EOS LLC, as well as other production and working premises at this enterprise. To create a large-scale infrared heating system and ensure its control, a total of 67 pieces of equipment were needed, 56 of which are the heaters themselves, and 11 - special temperature controllers to maintain the correct temperature in all rooms. The total area heated by infrared rays was 769 m2, which includes rooms with ceiling heights of up to 3 and up to 8 meters.

Before starting work, we received a request for a complete calculation of the energy efficiency of infrared heating, respectively, the costs of its equipment and maintenance of the heating operation. Having made all the necessary calculations and providing them to the management of NPP EOS LLC in the city of Kharkov, we were able to overcome all doubts about the choice between heating the workshop and other production facilities (offices, personal workplaces, lobby) with our infrared heaters or alternative heating systems based on solid fuel boiler. The decision was made in our favor, and since 2012, after installing a large number of Teplov P2000, B1300, B1000 heaters, we have not received a single complaint about the operation of the system. Installing and starting a heating system with long-wave infrared heaters Teplov is much simpler and more economical than building a boiler room, buying and installing a solid fuel boiler, pipe wiring, etc. In addition, using infrared heaters does not require a constant purchase of resources for heating, supplying them, unlike the boiler. During heating, infrared rays warm up all objects, people, and the solid fuel heating system first heats the air, which disappears very quickly in large industrial areas due to poor sealing of entrances and window connectors.

Also, when using IR heating, you will not receive even the minimum amount of combustion products, and the air will always maintain the level of humidity necessary for a person.

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