The infrared heating of the private house, Cherkassy

The cost-effective heating of a country house.

The economic heating of a private house - is a key to the considerable economy of family budget. The modern tendencies and European experience of energy saving proves the necessity of the resources  economy, and also using of the ecologically clean ways of heating. For the beginning of saving in own house you shouldn’t wait of taking states program and directions in this sphere, because the most cost-effective heating of the country house you can create by yourself. The main purpose of any economy is saving of the comfort at the decreasing of costs. Just that’s why, first of all, it’s necessary maximal remove the heat losses, which are the main enemy of the most powerful heating system. There is a saying, if in the houses was the zero level of heat losses, we could heat the habitation just by a lamp. Just that’s why after acute increasing of prices to gas and electricity in Ukraine it’s became popular the heating of the houses. Such practice is for a good, because removing the basis rents once, we haven’t to return to this question and will be possible to concentrate at the creation of optimal heating of the private house, setting one of the existing heating systems.

The next stage after heating-up at the way to economy will be the choice the most suitable, available and at the same time economical heating system for country house. Long time it was considered, that optimal heating of country house in the correspondence of price and effectiveness it’s possible to create by the installation of gas boiler. It had to adjust the project documentations, strictly comply the rules of fire-safety and lead preventive inspections, however gas was cheap and free, that’s why this variant seams more profitable. However, now with the advent of large choice of equipment more safe and easy in service, the wish to conduct the heating of country house without gas is increased. Really, for today the ecological and economical heating of private house without gas is available for us by means of such equipment, as solid-fuel boilers or the infrared heaters.

Экономичное отопление загородного дома на базе потолочных обогревателей

In the first case the economical heating of country house will be organized on the basis of burning the ecologically clean wastes of wood-working industry (firewoods, hay, pallets). The installation of the boiler with qualitative burner allows to achieve the effectiveness in 75%. Build in sensors of temperature control allow system immediately react at the lowering or raising the temperature. Besides, just the temperature sensors in the heating systems are one more necessary step to saving. They don’t allow the system overspend fuel and control the equal heating. The lack of jumps in temperature is considerably save recourses of any heating system. Inconvenience in usage of solid-fuel boilers can be in necessity of regular refueling and also equipment of boiler station and supporting of constant supply of the solid fuel. 

In the quality of alternative variant we offer to consider the heating of the country house by electricity, directly – the infrared heating of the house. The economical heating of the private house by infrared heaters combines all necessary criteria of energy saving and even more. So, in itself the installation of infrared ceiling heaters in premise allows to short the level of energy demands to 40%, and if to equip this system in heated house the heat losses lower twice and costs to the electrical energy will reduce to 50-70% in comparison with using of other electrical heating systems. Such effect is achieved due to unique method of the work the heaters, unusual to other ways of heating – infrared rays are directly warm subjects of the interior, floor in the room, this means that warmth doesn’t fly with the air flows. The installation of the special thermo-regulators gives the possibility accurate to control the heat giving in your presence or absence in premise and doesn’t spend more.  The economical heating of country house in this case is absolutely safe and ecologically clean, because production of the infrared heaters Teplov is carried in correspondence with European and Ukrainian standards of quality. The installation of the long-wave infrared heaters carried out quickly and doesn’t require of additional preparatory works. The heaters fix accurately, that’s why to install them is possible already after the repair in the house.

экономичное отопление частного дома электричеством без газа отопление загородного дома без газа потолочными панелями Теплов Отопление частного дома без газа экономичными потолочными обогревателями Теплов