Heating warehouse complex, Khmelnitsky

Heating of the warehouse complex with electricity.

The infrared heaters rightly can be called the most profitable modern method of heating which is actively used in industry and everyday life. The company “Ukrprom” for many years gives the opportunity for Ukrainians to choose qualitative and economical way of heating any premise more effective than ever. Heating of warehouse complexes by means of infrared heaters is one of the most popular directions of using IR-heating. Warehouses, most often have rather simple construction, but have an impressive size. That’s why the entire volume of air in such types of premises practically doesn’t warm. Heating of the warehouse complex required careful selection of heating power for saving a delicate balance between acceptable costs and necessary temperature.

Heating of warehouse complexes (or separate premises) will depend on many factors. Of course, first thing we consider is a character of using the warehouse (what is stored here, how these objects/substances are explosive and are affected to temperature impact). If there are not special demands to temperature regime, it’s necessary to pass to the characteristics of the premise and to the heat calculations of heating the warehouse.

Инфракрасное отопление складского комплекса электричеством экономичное инфракрасное отопление складских комплексов потолочными обогревателями

To show the working process of our specialists more visually we would like to give as an example the heating of warehouse in Khmelnitsky, made by the regional representative the “Vomos” company. This wholesale warehouse is a huge toy store. The character of goods, which are stored there, don’t demand a special temperature regime, that means the necessary to set average acceptable temperature, which will support warehouse in working condition and don’t allow goods to freeze through. Heating of warehouse complex consisted of calculations and installation of infrared heating system in some separate premises of warehouse type and in the offices. Large sales floor with area 945 sq.m and ceiling height 6,4 – 7,9 m (in different places) and small shop floor (567 sq.m) it was necessary to heat at the temperature level +15degrees. For this purpose we had to install industrial infrared heaters Teplov P4000 (an industrial series) of 13 and 8 heaters accordingly. Calculations of heating power which is necessary for heating of such premises were carried out taking into account the level of heat loss of the premises (halls are heated and double windows installed). Office premises at warehouse have total area 41,6 sq.m with the ceiling height 2,86 m and 3 m were aimed for permanent job of staff. That means it was necessary to establish more comfortable temperature for the human body. Applying 5 heaters TM Teplov B600 we could achieve temperature + 20 degrees.

These heating indicators of warehouse premises in Khmelnitsky allow us to claim with confidence that the infrared heating as well as possible fits for supporting the constant temperature regime on the large area. The installation of heaters at different zones will provide flexibility of system and ability to adjust it under any weather conditions.

отопление складских помещений экономичными инфракрасными промышленными обогревателями потолочное отопление складского помещения электричеством