The heating of the premises LTD “Agrosoft”

Heating of the workshop, industrial and household premises “Agrosoft” without gas.

We, as nobody, know that before beginning the heating of the workshop, it’s necessary to lead correct preliminary estimate of its condition. Receiving facts (area of the premise, height, percent of glazing, heat losses) we could to use for that, to know which power of heaters it’s necessary to lead on a specific room. For example, heating of the workshop and some household premises at the enterprise AGROSOFT required the using of industrial heaters Teplov P3000 in number 14 pieces. They were placed equally according to main places of warm air outflow (windows, doorways). In such way, heating of the industrial and domestic premises was provided by effective heating system, based on method of infrared radiation, which directly heats all necessary technical equipment and create comfortable conditions of work.

The heating of industrial premises have to provide on the base of several important principles. Surely, first that is considering – this is a price of the heating system installation and next expenses on its supporting, which come out from the effectiveness of the equipment. It’s reasonable to push off the resources, which you have. Most often there is, that enterprise constantly and free has access to the electricity, consequently, it’s possible to choose between the heating systems, which used for work just this working environment. The heating of workshop as one of possible variant using of the heating systems of industrial premises, it’s possible to provide with the help of installation such simple and effective heaters.

отпоелниеинфракрасными электрическими обогревателя без газа цеха отопление промышленных помещений без газа инфракрасными обогревателями

The IR heaters radiate warm waves, which are “absorbed” by subjects. In this case air isn’t a mediator at heating of premise, that allow to decrease the level of energy demands that means to save. Such method of heating is known to humanity yet from the last century. In our country the main mass of infrared heaters appear in 2000 year. The company “Ukrprom” became the leader in Ukraine at sales and installation of infrared heating systems, which includes the main heating of industrial premises. Such status was earned by presence of own production of the line IR heaters Teplov, by high quality of this equipments and qualify workers, which on the whole Ukraine installed hundreds of infrared heating systems. Due to qualitative thermotechnical calculations we manage again and again quickly to solve the problems of heating the workshop, hangar, household and other premises.

расположение инфракрасных панелей для отопления цеха без газа