Heating service station, Ivano-Frankivsk

Heating service station, Ivano-Frankivsk

During the selection and installation of the heating system, of course, I want to ensure the maximum effect. However, it often happens that the choice of a heating system turns out to be unsuccessful, and as a result, high resource costs are obtained with a small heating effect.

With infrared heating installed according to special thermal calculations from the manufacturer, such problems can be easily avoided, which is especially important when heating a room with constant drafts (frequent opening of the door, necessary ventilation).

A striking example of such a room is the garage of the service station, where cars constantly drive in and out, work with chemicals (oil, gasoline, paint) is carried out, because of which it is necessary to get rid of fumes harmful to humans. Thus, while working at the service station, it is impossible to avoid or abandon the need to ventilate the room.

The owners of one service station in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk turned to us with a request to provide them with high-quality heating in such conditions. Unlike a convection system, infrared long-wave heaters easily cope with this task. IR rays without obstacles will heat everything in the workshop so that a person feels comfortable and warm, and cars and various devices, chemicals do not lose their qualities, do not deform and do not change the molecular structure.

The heating station project, the number and power of the necessary appliances, we implemented with the help of five infrared ceiling panels Teplov P2000, which together create 10 kW of thermal power distributed over the entire working area of the station with an area of 70 m2. Heaters were installed at the required height, taking into account the ceiling height of 4 m.

In general, according to the results of our work, we can conclude that infrared heating is a universal way of heating for any room that a person can use.

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