private house heating, Vinnitsa

private house heating, Vinnitsa

Having bought or built a house, many people faced such a serious problem as heating a private house. Unable to use centralized heating, tenants are devising many ways how not to freeze in severe winter frosts. It is good when there is a stove in the house, but with a constantly and rapidly growing price for firewood, kindling a stove becomes an exorbitantly expensive pleasure, besides not giving a quick effect and requiring regular maintenance of burning wood. The bathroom is considered to be a particularly problematic place in terms of cold..

It is competent to make the tile under your feet even warm at night or, if you want, hot, is not a problem if you trust us and TM Teplov products in the same way as the residents of the house in Vinnitsa trusted. We recommend that you install the Teplov B1000 infrared heater in the bathroom, which since 2005 has become the sales leader of our company. By installing it on the ceiling, you get a large heat spot that can fully cover the size of standard bathrooms.

In addition, in this house we heated two living rooms. Thanks to the installation of two Teplov B1350 heaters in the first room, a temperature of +20 degrees was reached. A wonderful effect was obtained in the garage (ground floor), located under the room. Turning on infrared heaters, the temperature rose to 12 degrees. This could not be achieved with conventional heaters, and with TM Teplov products it is easy, because infrared rays penetrate the floor, heating it.

A B1350 heater with a programmable thermostat was installed in the second room to be able to adjust the temperature in automatic mode. This allowed the owners to once set a program of the required temperature for the whole week and enjoy the comfort and warmth of their home.

отопление частного дома без газа экономичными инфракрасными обогревателями экономичный обогрев частного дома без газа инфракрасными обогревателями

отопление дома без газа электричеством