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      Teplov Black Edition BE3000


      Heated area, m² 35
      Rated power, W 3000
      Power consumption, W 1000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х436х72
      Weight, kg 17
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      The TeploV BE3000 infrared heater is an industrial equipment designed to create comfortable temperature conditions in rooms with an area of 35-50 m2. It can be used as the main or additional heat source. The heater operating panel is made of high-precision aluminum profile. Black color is able to more effectively attract and retain heat, which increases the efficiency of the device by 15-20% in comparison with models equipped with gray panels.

      The BE3000 heater is environmentally friendly, that is, it is absolutely safe for people and other living organisms, the environment. In the process, it does not burn oxygen and does not dry out the air. The BE3000 heater is mounted on the ceiling by means of brackets, suspended on cables or mounted on lighting devices. To simplify the operation of the equipment, it is recommended to install a thermostat on the wall (not included in the factory delivery kit).


      The infrared heater TeploV BE3000 has established itself as the main and additional heating system for warehouse, production, commercial, retail, entertainment and sports centers, exhibition spaces, cinema halls, theaters, airports.

      Equipment capable:

      • maintain the temperature within 20 С in a room with an area of up to 35 m2 at an outdoor temperature of minus 26 С: it is used as the main heat source;
      • provide comfortable temperature indicators at facilities with an area of up to 50 m2 at a street temperature of no more than minus 4 C: an excellent solution for the off-season;
      • to become an effective complement to the centralized heating system of rooms up to 65 m2 with insufficient efficiency of its work.

      *These recommendations are relevant for facilities whose heat loss does not exceed 100 W/m2. The heater can work in open areas, but in this case its effectiveness will be lower.


      • heater thermal power: 3000 W;
      • energy consumption (when working together with the thermostat): 1000 W/h;
      • works from a network of 380 V;
      • suspension height from floor level: 4-15 m;
      • dimensions: 1200х436х72 mm (length, height and thickness of the panel, respectively);
      • beam scattering angle: 110 0;
      • weight of 1 device: 17 kg.


      The design of the TeploV BE3000 infrared heater is developed taking into account modern ergonomic norms and requirements. It is concise, not attracting attention. As standard, the panel body is painted white. Individual production is possible with painting in any shade from the RAL color palette.

      Quality assurance

      BE3000 heaters are certified equipment that complies with strict European quality standards and is approved for use by Ukrainian authorities. Instruments are provided with a 10-year warranty, although the service life is at least 25 years. At the same time, the original high efficiency is maintained..

      Where to buy

      You can buy an industrial infrared heater BE3000 through the official TeploV website or through any of the company’s representative offices in your city (addresses are given in the "Where to Buy" section). The price of equipment is the same in all regions of Ukraine.