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      TeploV Black Edition BE2000


      Heated area, m² 24
      Rated power, W 2000
      Power consumption, W 700
      Dimensions, mm 1200х282х42
      Weight, kg 12
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      The TeploV infrared (IR) heater BE2000 is the new standard in the ecological heating of spacious residential and commercial premises, with an area of ​​24-45 m2. A distinctive feature of this line is matte black heating panels that increase the efficiency of the device by 15-20%. It can be used as a full or additional source of heat. In commercial buildings, it is recommended that the heater be mounted on light structures, suspended from ropes or fixed to the ceiling by means of brackets. The wall thermostat will simplify the control process and make it easy to maintain the required temperature in the room. Please note: the thermostat is not included in the factory equipment.

      Infrared radiation is completely safe for humans, does not harm other living organisms and the environment. The device in the process does not make noise, does not dry out the air, does not give a glow. The efficiency of infrared heating is 40% higher than gas analogues. The equipment does not require permits for installation.


      BE2000 heater can be used in the following cases:

      • In rooms up to 24 m2 as the main source of heat. It is able to create and maintain a room temperature of 20 ° C at an ambient temperature of -20 ° C.
      • In rooms with an area of up to 45 m2 during the off-season. It will provide a comfortable stay in a room at an ambient temperature of -3-5 C.
      • In rooms up to 45 m2 as an additional source of heat. Actual for facilities with low central heating efficiency.

      *These parameters are relevant for rooms whose heat loss does not exceed 100 W/m2.

      Using the BE2000 IR heater as an additional heat source, you can save 40-50% on the heating of an object.

      The most widely used infrared heater TeploV BE2000 was received in the process of heating cafes, bars, restaurants and other catering facilities, cinemas, theaters, spacious halls, halls, storage rooms, enterprise workshops, spacious country houses, country cottages.


      • thermal power: 2000 W;
      • consumed electric power (together with a temperature regulator): 700 W/h;
      • dimensions: 1200х282х42 mm (length, height and thickness, respectively);
      • optimal suspension height: at least 3.2 m from the floor level;
      • weight: 12 kg.


      The design of the infrared heater TeploV BE2000 is concise, modern. The device harmoniously fits into any interior styles and is not striking. As a standard, the case is made in white or black, but by individual order it can be painted in any shade from the RAL color palette.

      Quality assurance

      TeploV company provides an official guarantee for BE2000 series heaters for a period of 10 years. At the same time, the service life of the device is at least 25 years. The equipment is certified and approved for use by the relevant authorities of Ukraine and the country of Europe.

      Where to buy

      You can buy a BE2000 heater directly on our website by placing an order through the basket or by phone. You can also contact any of our official representatives in your city. Their addresses are given in the "Where to Buy" section of the site. The price of BE2000 is the same in all regions of Ukraine and official representations.