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      Infrared heater TeploV P2600


      Heated area, m² 26
      Rated power, W 2600
      Power consumption, W 870
      Dimensions, mm 1540х282х42
      Weight, kg 15
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      The older model among the ceiling infrared long-wave single-phase heaters TM Teplov. Both main and additional heating is used in rooms with a ceiling height of 3 meters. The main installation site is the ceiling. By applying the optional swivel mounts, the possibility of mounting the heater on the wall with installation at angles of 15, 30, 45, 60 and 75 degrees.


      Teplov P2600 is a ceiling infrared heater of the long-wave type. These panels have no visible light spectrum and are successfully used for heating both domestic and industrial premises with an installation height of 3 to 5 meters. The temperature of the heating surface of the heater is within 250 degrees, which gives a pleasant and soft heat that is safe for humans.

      Imperceptible against the background of the ceiling panels are used to heat such rooms as:

      • offices, retail outlets, rented premises
      • schools, kindergartens, hospitals, etc.
      • various residential, industrial and public spaces


      *data are given for a room with a loss of 100 W / m2 and a height of up to 5 meters

      • main heating (-20 in the street / +20 in the room) - 26 m2
      • additional heating (to help existing) - 40-45 m2
      • inter-seasonal heating (up to -4С) - 35-40 m2


      The ceiling infrared panel of Heat P2600 is developed on the basis of the aluminum heating element having high coefficient of infrared radiation. The temperature of the heating surface is within 250 degrees, the heater is CE certified.


      The heater is made in a rectangular form factor. The standard case color is white. According to the requirements of the buyer, we produce panels of any color, according to the RAL classification (the cost and delivery time are negotiated separately).

      Quality assurance

      Products TM Teplov has all permits for both Ukraine and EU countries. You can read the documents in the "Certificates" section. The guarantee for all heaters of a series "P" makes 10 years.

      Where to buy

      You can buy a ceiling infrared long-wave heater of Teplov P2600 both from us and from the warehouse of our representatives (section of the site “Where to buy”). The price is single and fixed throughout Ukraine!