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      Infrared heater TeploV U12000


      Rated power, W 12000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х620х80
      Weight, kg 26
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      The industrial medium-wave street infrared electric heater Teplov U12000 is designed exclusively for rooms with a ceiling height of 6 meters. The heater works in the mid-wave radiation spectrum, resulting in a slight glow. Operating temperature of the heating elements - 600 С.


      The main purpose of the U12000 is local heating. It is used both in the industrial sector, shop, production, etc., and in open areas for any purpose. At the same time, this heater perfectly copes with the task of full autonomous heating of rooms with high ceilings..

      The main use of industrial outdoor infrared heater U12000 is:

      • airport, train stations
      • large open areas, terraces
      • workshops, warehouses, hangars and other industrial premises
      • local heating of the selected area
      • Technological solution (infrared drying)


      *data are given for a room with a loss of 100W / m2

      • main heating (-20С in the street / + 20С indoors) - 120 m2
      • interseasonal heating (up to -4С) - 150 m2
      • local heating - 60 m2 (individually for various rooms and technical tasks)


      Industrial medium wave heater Teplov U12000 developed based on high-elements with a working temperature of 600C. It is prohibited to install the heater in rooms with fire safety category A and B.

      Quality assurance

      Products TM Teplov has all permits for Ukraine. You can read the documents in the "Certificates" section. The guarantee for all heaters of a series "U" makes 3 years.

      Where to buy

      You can buy an industrial medium-wave infrared electric heater for Teplov U12000 both from us and from the warehouse of our representatives (section of the site “Where to buy”). The price is single and fixed throughout Ukraine!