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      Teplov Black Edition BE1350


      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1300
      Dimensions, mm 1500x160x40
      Weight, kg 7
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      We present to your attention new ceiling infrared heater Teplov Black Edition BE1350. In this heater is concentrated not only a designer solutions in a form of black color, but all the latest developments in covering of radiant element with a purpose of increasing the infrared intensiveness.

      The unique technology of covering and coloring of heating element allowed increasing the effectiveness of heater to 20% in comparison with serial ceiling heater Teplov B1350, due to this ceiling panel at power 1300 Wt is capable to heat the premise in 15* m² with an average monthly cost at 400 Wt per hour.
      *data is indicated for rooms with a thermal loss of 100 Wt/m²


      The ceiling heaters BE1350 are used as the main and additional heating of premises with a height of ceiling to 3,5 meters. The additional automatics (thermoregulators) allow to create the autonomous system of heating in a such premises as:

      • apartments, country houses, private houses and other living premises
      • café, restaurants, shops, supermarkets and other commercial premises
      • kindergartens, schools, universities and other educational premises
      • other premises with a height of ceiling to 3,5 meters.

      Technical characteristics

      • main heating to 15** m² (-20°C on the street, +20°C inside)
      • additional heating (as a help to existing) to 30** m²
      • inter-seasonal heating (to -5ºC on the street) to 20** m².

      **at the area of heating can be influence many factors. The area of installation of the heater is deduce from the calculation of heat losses of the premise.


      The coloring of the corps is according to RAL. The delivery time and price are discussed additionally. The final result may differ from the color on the monitor screen due to the color setting of the last.

      Quality assurance

      The products of TM Teplov have all the licensing documents, as for Ukraine also for EC countries. To study the documents is possible in the section “Certificates”. The warranty for all heaters of “BE” series contains 10 years.

      Where to buy

      To buy the ceiling long-wave infrared heater Teplov Black Edition BE1350 you can both from us and from warehouse of our representatives (site section “Where to buy”). The price is uniform and fixed throughout Ukraine!