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      Wall-mounted infrared heaters Teplov H700


      Heated area, m² 14
      Rated power, W 700
      Dimensions, mm 1000х500х40
      Weight, kg 8
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      Wall panel Teplov H700 it’s a system of heating, which is created on the principle of infrared radiation. This panel is used as for independent and for additional heating. Also wall heater can be use in total with ceiling and other wall heaters and a warm plinth Teplov H150.  


      Teplov H700 is an infrared heater wall-type of classic white color. The main place of installation is under windows, in places of fixing the standard, popular radiators. This location is explained by installation in the place of greatest heatlosses. Together with this You can choose any other place, without special loss of efficiency the device. 

      Electrical wall radiant panels are one of the most preferred methods of heating premises with ceiling height up to 3 meters and used for heating:

      • apartments, houses, cottages, villas
      • offices, outlets, rented premises
      • schools, kindergartens, hospitals etc.

      Technical characteristics

      *data are given for premise with losses 100 Wt/m2 and height up to 3 meters

      • the main heating (-20 on the street / +20 in  premise) – 14-15 m2
      • additional heating (as a help to already existing) – 20 m2
      • off-season heating (to -4°C) – 18 m2


      Teplov H700 is made in such a way, that in a case of touch the heater a person won’t get burn. The temperature of heating surface is 80 +/- 5 degrees, that is allowed by the norms of the SES Ukraine.


      The standard color of heater is white. According to requirements of buyer, we produce panels of any color, according to qualification RAL (the cost and delivery time are negotiated separately). Also we have an opportunity to apply a photo printing of your image (logo) on the front surface.

      Quality assurance   

      The production of TM Teplov has all permissive documents as for Ukraine, and ES countries. The warranty for all heaters of “H” series is 3 years.

      Where to buy

      To buy a wall infrared heater Teplov H700 you can both from us and from warehouse of our representatives (site section “where to buy”). The price is uniform and fixed throughout Ukraine!