Industrial heater


Industrial heater


In order to establish effective work in the production, construction site or any other non-residential premises of an industrial type, it is necessary to create the right working conditions. They include not only compliance with safety precautions during operation, but also the creation of the right microclimate in workshops, hangars, warehouses, garages and other industrial premises. The required temperature regime can be achieved in various ways, of which there are a large number today. The choice will depend on many factors, such as the area of ​​the heated area, the height of the ceilings, the intensity of the air flow, as well as the level of allowable financial costs for heating. There are several types of industrial heaters.

Diesel heat guns


дизельная пушка для отопления промышленных помещений


The first is diesel heat generators, which are known as diesel heat guns. They are convenient mobile industrial heaters with high strength and the ability to quickly put into operation. First of all, they are suitable for open spaces (construction sites) or large rooms with good ventilation, since they lead to burnout of air due to the powerful temperature of the heating element.

In addition to diesel, heat guns can also have gas as a working medium, which will not lead to significant changes in the operating parameters of heat generators. Diesel heat guns of indirect heating are sometimes used, for which, however, it is necessary to additionally ensure the presence of a chimney for the removal of combustion products during operation.


Air fan heaters


Для воздушного отопления применяются воздушные промышленные обогреватели


Today, various electric industrial heaters that represent the second type of heating are increasingly being used. With the help of various heating elements and media, such industrial air heaters, working from electricity, help to more effectively regulate the temperature regime, save energy, create special microclimates in separate zones. A fairly popular type of electric heating, which can be used in industry, is a mobile and stationary type heat fan.

The principle of operation is to heat the air passed through the fan housing using an incandescent spiral. Plus, the use of such an industrial heater in the quick heating of the room and protection against overheating, however, there are a number of significant disadvantages, such as burning oxygen, dust, which produces an unpleasant odor, as well as noise and the accumulation of warm air under the ceiling. This is especially negative for high-flow rooms.

Ceiling infrared heaters


оптимальный решением для отопления производства служит промышленный инфракрасный обогреватель


Now, more and more often you can find the use of the third popular type of industrial heating, which also works from electricity - this is an infrared long-wave industrial heater.

Infrared radiation is a cost-effective and efficient way of heating to provide directed heating of the room. The natural origin of the rays and the unique method of heating with infrared heaters avoids many inconveniences. First of all, a rather high efficiency of this type of heating is noted, since there is the possibility of installing IR heaters in individual working areas and controlling the temperature of each of them with the help of temperature regulators.

As for the parameters of the premises, the infrared industrial heater is perfect even for very high ceilings, since this will dissipate the heat over a large area, which will increase the efficiency of each industrial heater.

The specialists of our company also note a significant reduction in energy consumption when using IR heaters in comparison with other types of heating in industrial premises, because the main and decisive choice is the fact that IR rays transfer heat directly to solid surfaces, and not through air.

Infrared industrial heater works without emitting odors, noises and combustion products.