The infrared heating of a private house

The infrared heating of a private house. 

A man is always striving to creation of comfortable and cozy atmosphere, first of all at home. For this it’s possible to use the interior of rooms, different small details, which give to surroundings native and pleasant look.

However none photo or figurine won’t please you, if in your “fortress” will be cold, because this not only the discomfort, but a harm for health. Stable temperature in the house is more important, if you have children, whom it would be safe to play on the warm floors.

More often with a heating problem we face in private houses, when it’s necessary to install the autonomous heating. This brings to rather large expenses, because it’s necessary to hold gas and water, to lay pipes, to buy autonomous gas heaters and many others. The private house needs in a right approach at the choice of the heating method, its installation, because if to make a mistake, house will not heat enough at all area that can lead to earlier spoiling of materials in the places of temperature difference. We propose your attention the infrared heating of private house, which is surely become the correct and profitable decision in fight with cold.

отопление частного дома потолочными обогревателями

The problem of all systems, that were popular earlier, concludes in the heating of an air, but not objects around. Unfortunately at this spent many finance and material expenses, because physics laws worked against these systems.

The deal is, that warm air is always lighter of fresh, and that’s why rises up and heats ceiling instead of floor, where we go. In such case, passed rather many times from the moment of start of convective or gas system to time, when house has been heated to necessary temperature.

The infrared heating of country house – this is safe and economical variant of creation comfort, coziness and warm atmosphere in your house.

IR heating of the private house has the direct impact on the subjects of our life, which are in the room, where source of radiation is installed. Correctly chosen power provides you qualitative heating at considerable decreasing of energy losses, because now heat won’t go into the slots and to the ceiling.

Depending on your needs, our company ready to select you suitable equipment for heating of flat or house, which will perfectly cope with laid on it functions. For productive using IR rays, infrared heating of the house is possible to lead by several ways. The most spread are long-wave heaters, which fixed on the ceiling and walls. For correct diffusion of rays in devices use reflectors, which reflect radiation in necessary direction.

распределение тепла при ИК и конвективном отоплении

Allocation of warmth at convective and infrared heating.

In order to fully enjoy by the advantages of infrared heating private house, it’s necessary correctly to install the sources of heating. The height, which provides maximal benefit from IR heater on ceiling – is 2-3 meter. To install infrared long-wave heaters it’s possible above beds and sofas. The voltage in sockets should be stable and isn’t lower than 220 V, because such source of heating is sensitive to voltage drops.

In all other infrared heating of private house it’s undemanding system, which will help not only to save, but will pleasure from their using. The mounting and connection of such heaters are completely not difficult, and their work passes without noise and vibration.

Our company for many years provides our clients better production and guarantees its long service without disruption and damage.