Economical electric heating

Economical electric heating

Are you surprised by the ceiling heater? At first glance, a rather strange solution. After all, as it is more correct for everyone to install it on the wall, in its lower part, so that warm air rises precisely from the bottom up. However, this approach does not take into account the principle of operation of infrared heaters. We present to your attention a household infrared ceiling long-wave heater.

How does the long-wave heater work??

ИК тепловизорLet's go from afar. Long-wave, medium-wave, short-wave infrared heater - this is actually one principle of operation enclosed in different heating elements in design. All of the listed heaters correspond to one principle of operation - the transfer of heat from the heater to the surface of the objects of heating in the country house and country house, while ignoring the primary heating of the air. Do not think that the temperature on your thermometer will not rise. Of course, the air warms up, but it will warm up already as a secondary heat source, which is a consequence of the efficiency of infrared heating.

What is happening at this moment? Electric current is supplied to the heart of the IR heater - a heating element. Depending on the type of heater (short-wave, medium-wave, long-wave), the final temperature of the heater can reach up to 800 degrees. Such infrared heaters are called high temperature. Often the sphere of application of such heaters is a doubt - the household segment, for heating an apartment, house, cottage. In addition, a visible radiation spectrum is already present in high temperature heaters. Sensitive sleeping people are unlikely to like the glow of this heater.

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Unlike high-temperature - long-wave ceiling IR heaters. The heart temperature of this type of heaters can be up to 300 degrees. The thermal sensations from such a heater are soft, comfortable, not having a visible glow. It is these heaters that are recommended for IR heating of apartments and houses. The temperature in these heaters is selected in such a way that most of the energy falls on the infrared component invisible to humans. Heater efficiency above 90%. With an optimum dispersion angle of 110 ° C, the surfaces of all objects falling into the heater zone begin to heat up, creating and creating comfort and coziness in your home.

Alternative IR heating

To put it mildly, it’s not true to paint all the indisputable advantages of infrared heating without even diving into alternative options. When planning to heat a house, a good owner chooses between several systems, so?

Oil Type Convectors

The operation of this heater can be described in the following words. The oil in the heater body is heated to a temperature of 80-90С, circulating through the tubes due to natural convection, evenly heating the entire heater body. These heaters are installed mainly on the floor, on supports, castors, etc.. 


Benefits. The atmosphere is not polluted. Adjusting the heating power. Cheapness and mobility.

The disadvantages of this heater are again presented in the picture. Energy is spent on heating the air collected under the ceiling. Dry air and headaches.

Warm floor

теплый пол

The idea of the work of this system is already hidden in the name itself. They are water and electric. Connecting the boiler to a pipe laid in a concrete screed will give you the opportunity to start the “warm floor” system from existing individual heating.

In the same screed, you can lay both an electric thermal cable and an IR film.

Benefits. Does not dry air and does not burn oxygen. All elements of the heating system are hidden from the human eye. Uniform heating of the room. Comfortable felt temperature, heat rises from bottom to top.

Disadvantages. The heat-insulated floor is mounted at a stage of construction or capital repairs. Open question with maintainability.

Heat pump

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The heat pump is a modern, high-tech solar system. Heat in such a system is taken from the earth, a reservoir, and even street air. Electricity in such a system is only necessary for the operation of the circulation pump and compressor.

Benefits. The efficiency or multiplier of the heat pump is 300%. That is, heat for heating a house is supplied 3-4 times more than the consumed electricity. A very significant advantage is multifunctionality. Like air conditioning, the heat pump works in the summer for cooling. Those. with one system we solve the issue of both cooling and heating.

Disadvantages. Investments in heating a room with a heat pump, even after so much time for the development of this system, remain huge. The heat pump is a solution only for a private house. The efficiency of the heat pump decreases markedly with increased frost. At an air temperature below 25 ° C the heat pump will not work.


For climatic zones with a minimum winter temperature in the region of 0C, the Split system (air conditioning, heat pump) that solves the climate in your home is optimal.

In cold climatic zones, in order to comfortably survive the winter, infrared heating systems will be the best choice.