Heating plant without gas

Heating plant without gas

Heating industrial premises is a big responsibility that rests with a person whose responsibilities include choosing a heating system, a manufacturer of equipment and much more in order to ultimately create an efficient and economical heating system in production. Today, there is a huge selection of different heating systems for industrial premises, differing primarily in that some operate on gas, others on solid fuel. Separately, a group working on electricity (fan heaters, heat pumps, guns) is also distinguished, which allows you to set up electric heating for the workshop. Also, do not forget about infrared heating, which can use a different working environment (gas, water or electricity).

The company "Ukrprom" for more than 10 years in the Ukrainian market and is the largest manufacturer of infrared electric heaters. The line of industrial infrared heaters has been produced since 2010 under the Teplov trademark and has already managed to perfectly prove itself at dozens of large and small industrial enterprises throughout Ukraine. An important indicator is that our products are certified in the Ukrainian and European markets, have all the permits, which will allow each of our clients to protect themselves from unexpected and unpleasant consequences of using IR heaters that could arise from equipment from an unreliable manufacturer. Unfortunately, annual market monitoring proves that before the heating season there are a lot of so-called “manufacturers” who can offer cheap, but completely unverified and low-quality infrared heaters.

If you decide to opt for a system that will allow heating the workshop without gas, then TM Teplov infrared long-wave heaters are the most reliable way to heat any production room, avoiding paper and other red tape associated with the gas supply and boiler installation. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with our many projects for heating industrial premises, receive feedback on our products from people who have been using TM Teplov infrared long-wave heaters for many years to heat workplaces in workshops, heat warehouses, and much more..

For example, in September 2012, we received an order for economical heating of the workshop. In order to correctly select the number and power of infrared heaters that were to be installed, we carried out an individual thermal calculation, which was based on the area of the room - 350 square meters, and also took into account the height of the ceilings - 5 meters. It was obtained that for heating such a workshop, it was necessary to install nine IR Heaters P4000, which were connected in groups to three thermostats to control the set temperature.

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