heating homes without gas

Heating a house, a country house without gas

In this article I want to tell you how much it is really easy and economical to heat your house without troubles for installation, after-sales service and other related difficulties.

We bring to your attention a simple and at the same time economical option of heating with electricity, using infrared long-wave heaters TeploV as heating.

For greater clarity, we will analyze all costs and operating costs using our heating system using the example of heating a private house.

The selection of necessary equipment is carried out in two stages.

The first stage is the calculation of heat loss or the required heat capacity.

The area of the heated room is 60 m2 (three rooms with a total area) with a ceiling height of 3m. The walls of the house are 2 bricks thick, the windows are metal-plastic. The required temperature in the rooms + 22C.

To maintain the required temperature, a thermal power of 85 W / m2 is required, which for the whole house will be 60 * 0.085 = 5.1 kW. T.O. we get that for heating the premises it is necessary to install thermal equipment with a capacity of 5.1 kW.

The second stage - the selection of infrared heaters.

The household line of infrared heaters Heat consists of heaters with a power of 0.6, 1 and 1.3 kW. The ceiling height of 3 meters allows the use of Teplov B1350 heaters.

The required number of heaters is 5.1 / 1.3 = 3.9 or 4 pieces.

Summing up, we get that for the main heating of a private house with an area of 60 m2, it is necessary to install 4 heaters B1350 Teplov.

To control the required temperature, temperature controllers are used. Thermostats are installed one per room. We get that for three rooms you need 3 thermostats.

Power consumption. 

The total thermal or electric power brought to the house was 5.1 kW. Provided that at the same time the temperature of 22C is maintained throughout the house, the energy consumption per hour will be only 1.7 kW or, at a tariff of 28 kopecks, 48 kopecks per hour. And this is provided that the temperature on the street is -23C or the temperature delta on the street and inside the house is 45 degrees. An example of heating a private house (apartment) with an area of 60m2 you can see below.

расчет теплопотерь и подбор инфракрасных обогревателей

So, we get that the average monthly operating costs for heating a private house of 60 m2 will be 180 UAH. And it's all! Our heaters do not require service. Our heaters do not require an installation project. Our infrared heaters do not require heat carriers that have the ability to leak, oxidize heating elements, etc. Yes, the one-time purchase amount of equipment that makes up this house will amount to almost 5800 UAH, but if you consider the associated costs when installing any other autonomous filling system, you will get not less, but even more.

An example of the installation of infrared long-wave heaters Heat for heating a private house without gas:

отопление дома инфракрасными обгревателямиэкономичное отопление дома без газа

обогрев частного дома без газа инфракрасными обогревателями