heating greenhouses

Are you interested in the possibility of economically heating the greenhouse with an electric infrared heater? It is very simple

If you have a question how to heat a greenhouse with minimal costs and the best result, then first you should decide what fuel you have enough to get the desired temperature. There are many options. For example, gas, firewood, alternative types of heating using the “gifts” of nature (wind, sun) or electricity.

If you have a good supply of firewood, then the solution to the issue of heating the greenhouse is a solid fuel boiler, for which you will have to set aside a special room and observe safety precautions during installation and operation. If you have access to gas reserves, your choice will certainly fall on a gas boiler, which also requires additional devices for proper functioning. However, what if you only have electricity? That solution to the problem of creating the necessary temperature in the greenhouse is in this article..

We offer you to use our electric long-wave infrared heaters of the TeploV trademark and answer the most pressing questions.

What are the advantages of heating greenhouses with our products??

  • Infrared heaters are installed on the ceiling of the greenhouse, which saves space in small rooms and does not interfere with employees, as well as not clutter the work area and walkways.
  • When installing heaters, it is not necessary even to temporarily remove the topsoil, disturb the plants, while this is necessary when using an electric cable or film.
  • It is also worth knowing that a person does not see and cannot see infrared radiation either indoors or outdoors, but only feels heat, as if in the sun.
  • An important advantage is soft heat, which creates comfortable conditions for plants and does not dry out fresh air, which can become dangerous for them..
  • The maximum temperature of the heating element is 290С. Heaters uniformly warm all cells of living organisms, as well as the soil a few centimeters deep. If necessary, you can create different temperature zones in one greenhouse by installing different heating parameters on the heaters using thermostats.

Now that the advantages are obvious, it is worth answering the question of how many IR panels are needed to maintain the air temperature in a greenhouse room that is comfortable for plants. The answer lies in the calculations..

The first thing to determine is the heat loss of your room. This will help calculate the required power. The formula is as follows:

Greenhouse heat loss = Δt* К * S * 0,8

where Δt is the desired temperature difference outside and inside the greenhouse, K is the heat conductivity coefficient inherent in the material from which the greenhouse is made *, S is the sum of all areas of the greenhouse (walls and ceiling), and also take into account the efficiency coefficient of the infrared heating system – 0,8

Suppose we have a greenhouse with the following parameters:

Size - 10 by 7 meters

Height - 2.4 meters

The material with which the greenhouse structure is covered is polycarbonate 6 mm * (coefficient values for materials are given in the table)

Minimum outside temperature – "-12С"

Desired temperature inside – "+17С"

Next, we use the formula we already know, but first we determine the values of each of its components:

S = (7+10)*2,4*2+7*10=151,6 м2

Δt 17+12=29С

Cellular polycarbonate single chamber 6 mm К=3,6

Heat loss in the greenhouse = required power of IR equipment = 29 * 3.6 * 151.6 * 0.8 = 12661 W or 13 kW. It is always necessary to round up. And then the task comes down to the elementary one - choosing the most suitable model of a long-wave heater for heating the greenhouse, among those presented on our website.

Actually, the issue of maintaining the required temperature in the greenhouse has been resolved, since by choosing the heating system with TM TeploV infrared heaters, you can definitely evaluate the principle of action and product advantage in a short time.

If you do not want to calculate the heat loss of the room yourself, we are ready to do it for you. Call and we will help you determine the power that you need to use to heat your greenhouse, and also recommend the most suitable models of infrared equipment.

*K values for common materials in greenhouse construction:

Cell polycarbonate single chamber 4 mm - 3,9

Cell polycarbonate single chamber 6 mm - 3,6

Cell polycarbonate single chamber 9 mm - 3,3

Cell polycarbonate single chamber 10 mm - 3,0

Cell polycarbonate single chamber 16 mm - 2,3

Glass 3 mm - 6,0

Single chamber double-glazed window 4 mm - 1,9

Polyethylene film 180-200 microns - 7,5

180-200 microns double-layer inflated plastic film - 3,5

отопление теплицы обогрев теплицы