The area of heating by infrared heaters

When choosing infrared heaters for a home, apartment or office, it is important to correctly calculate the area of sectors that are completely covered by the heat coming from heating devices. This is necessary to provide a microclimate indoors in the autumn-winter period for households or company employees.

How to calculate the heating area correctly?

There are two main approaches, with the help of which you will find out what area the infrared heaters are heating, and where they are best installed to ensure a comfortable temperature in the apartment, house or office.

The first approach is calculated by the formula: 100 watts per 1 square. m. Suppose that you purchased an infrared heater with a capacity of 800 watts, the area of ​​"coverage" will be 8 square meters. m. If the size of the office room or bedroom is 16 square meters. m. then for the full heating of the bedroom or study you need two devices. However, the place of installation of the household appliance is not of the least importance. Products mounted on the ceiling or floor have a greater "coverage" of the territory than wall-mounted ones. Warm air emanates from them evenly throughout the territory, and not locally. Experts warn that this principle of calculation is suitable for rooms where there is thermal insulation, a sealed glass unit and there are no gaps in the walls, floor and ceiling through which moisture and cold air penetrate the structure.

The second principle is suitable for rooms where there are drafts. For such rooms, offices, trading floors, more powerful devices are suitable, and the calculation of the heating area is based on the calculation of 200 W per 1 sq. m. If we are talking about heating a compact room (up to 20 sq. m.), then one device is enough. But, if it is necessary to provide a comfortable microclimate in a warehouse, workshop, shopping center, an area of 100-120 square meters. m. you will need a minimum of 5-6 infrared convectors with a power of 800 watts.

What are the nuances to consider when choosing an IR heater?

When calculating the size of the heated sector, consider two important factors - the temperature difference outside the window and in the room, as well as the wavelength of the device (short, medium, long). If outside the window - 25 ° C, and your optimal minimum is + 20 ° C, the difference will be 45 °. To quickly heat the room, a more powerful heater that emits short and medium waves is suitable. To eliminate temperature differences up to 10-15 degrees and even heat distribution, it is better to choose long-wave heaters operating at minimum power.